Marching with Greta, a wig, and a birthday

Phoebe with her friends in NYC
    I'm quite pleased to report that Phoebe and many of the students from her school joined the Climate Strike last week. She marched within 10 feet of Greta Thunberg and was involved with one of the most important events of our time. We're really proud of her!

She's been super busy at school though and pushing herself very hard.

     I really do miss this kid though (and her sister Chloe!) It'll be so amazing when they all get here at Christmas break!

This week was Mike's birthday. We bought many tiny cakes from the panadería (bakery) to sample and I got him a full sized coffee mug from Sénior Frogs (all the mugs in this place are tiny!!)

We continue to see interesting animals in the park (including a monkey!!).

Cheetah mask

I'm filling order after order of masks for Halloween and facing the Mexican Post Office on a 3 times a week basis (I wish it was closer and air conditioned, and since I'm making wishes, that I spoke better Spanish!).

       At the last minute when we left Phoenix I tossed my hair bag into storage. How hard could it be to find a wig? Well, really kind of hard. This week I had an epic search trying to find a wig to add hair to the donkey mask I make. I went to Walmart, thinking maybe for Halloween, Soriana, Waldos, the Centro Mercado (Mexican Marketplace). Anyway I found a wig shop!! This one cost $420 MXN ($21.33 USD) It's about what I spend on a plastic wig, but this one is real hair. Anyway, now I have a wig shop. Yay!!!

This week we ventured down to the other end of town, to Olas Atlas, and visited an artist salon, called Sea of Possibilities. We dropped off some of my masks. Next week we will be back to drop off more as well as Mike's art to sell at an upcoming event in November. Diane, the owner, is leaving town for October, so we have to drop off everything before she leaves.

These photos are the view from her balcony where I'll also be running some mask making workshops once the season starts in November!

There's a lime in my fruit cup!
      This week emotions have run high as we continue to adjust to México. Naomi has been struggling but has made huge strides. She just landed a job this week at an English Immersion Preschool and started work today. One of the little girls has bonded with her quite strongly.
      Mike is traveling back to the states next week to go to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, so we have our first airport run to look forward to! Have an excellent weekend.


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