Monday, December 31, 2018

Mexico Road Trip Day 3- Bahía Kino at the beach house

There's nothing quite like waking up and looking out at the sea.

The patio is lined with bird defenses.

And there are SO many birds. Between the gulls and the pelicans they are constant.

When we woke, it was clear the Carson and Chloe had a late night on the beach, so we got up and dressed and took Oscar out for a walk. It was obvious the kids would be sleeping for some time.

It was a beautiful morning.

Even with the incredible winds.

Soon, though, the winds became too intense so we headed over to the streets.

We found this museum across the street, but we failed to go out and check it out.

We also found this strange mannequin. (Just the upper half of it anyway).

And this mural which literally means Friends without walls.

Close up on mural.

I wish it was a better painting, but you get the message. 😀

Oscar was not that interested.

After exploring Mike and I spent some time drawing. This is his drawing out from the patio.

My drawing from the patio.

Later the kids woke up and we went off to buy food for lunch, which turned very fancy fajitas made by Carson and Chloe. Let me just say, Bahía Kino is beautiful!!

Mexico Road Trip Day 2- the long drive

Waking up in Peurto Peñasco was like waking inside a dream with the roosters crowing and sun rising over Sea of Cortez in the distance. We walked the dog on the beach and on some of the back alley, dirt roads that make up part of the city.

Then we got everyone moving and left at 11am for what I thought was a four hour drive.... It was not.

We got on the coastal road and headed south, until my new GPS had her own ideas. She turned us inland, back into the desert and the mountains. Through an area with the biggest tumbleweeds I'd ever seen lining the road. A truck even passed us with a giant tumbleweed stuck in it's grill!

We drove through the country side and passed a huge bloody stain in the road. I think someone must have hit a cow in the dark. We finally got to the small town of Caborca and stopped at a street side taco place for lunch. Mike and I got some ceviche tostadas and Chloe and Carson each ate some tacos. They gave us free chips and some dulce treats for free, and the whole lunch cost 60 pesos for everything (about $3)!!! A quick stop for gas and off we went.

An epic drive later we stopped in Hermosillo. Just for bathrooms and food and some stray dogs circled our car as I took Oscar out for a quick walk around.  We gave them some dog food and slipped Oscar back inside the car. They escorted our car out of there with A LOT of barking and attempts at corralling the vehicle as we drove off.

Finally after 7 hours of driving we arrived in Bahía Kino (Kino Bay).

The drive was worth it. The beach house is gorgeous and right on the ocean.

Unfortunately, Mexico is very cold though. Everywhere we stay there is no heat and no extra blankets. Maybe I'll buy one in the market today.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mexico Road Trip Day 1-Crossing the border

On the day after Christmas we raced in circles getting Naomi and Phoebe off to winter camp with their youth group, doing an airport run to pick up Carson, Chloe's boyfriend, and I was finishing a few last mask orders, paying bills and packing for our trip to Mexico. Yesterday morning, we finally got on the road around 11am and headed to the Mexican border.

We stopped on the road in the desert because the landscape became so interesting.

Chloe and Carson near a saguaro cactus

Oscar in the desert

Mike and I near the very same cactus.

After just a few minutes we hit the road again. We noticed as we got closer the border patrol checkpoints were all shut down as there is currently a government shutdown. The irony of course is that the shutdown is over strengthening border security and building a "wall". (I realize anyone reading this now knows this, but I write for the ages!)

It's a long drive of not much happening till we got to Why, Az

This was our last stop before the border.

The unusual waterfall truck decoration.

Crossing the border was uneventful. No American authorities anywhere, just the Mexican patrol waving us through without stopping. We finally got to our airbnb around 3pm. This is our view from the balcony in Puerto Peñasco.

Oscar on the stairs.

We headed to the Malecon (boardwalk) for lunch. We chose a pizza place. We waited a very long time for I think one of the worst pizzas I've ever been served. It seemed to be a very bad frozen pizza that they heated till brown.

Chloe and Carson on the Malecon after lunch. 

The view of the water.

Pelicans flying down over the sea.

The swinging blue man sculpture.

And Oscar on the Malecon (boardwalk)

Dinner was better. We found a reliable place and ate seafood. Which makes sense by the water. All in all, though, a great first day in Mexico

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Visiting Oxbow and home for the holidays

Last weekend  Mike and Naomi traveled to Napa to see Phoebe's final show and events at The Oxbow School, the art boarding school she's been attending this semester.

Phoebe showed them around town...

(Evidently there was ice cream)

 Introduced them to her friends (which is apparently everyone in her class).....

And even met Phoebe's girlfriend who is all the way from Maryland.

Here's Phoebe and Naomi posing on school grounds.

The final show where the kids introduced themselves.

And where they presented their final projects. 

This is Phoebe's dinosaur project. It has elaborate drawings, etchings and studies.

Some bones she created and even a toy she made.

Parents flew in from around the country.

The work was quite impressive, like this whales eye.

Another student with his painting.

All in all I think they had a blast.

In the meantime I was picking up Chloe who came limping off her international flight from Scotland, completely disheveled like she'd been in a boxing match. She had so much luggage and bags that I have no idea how she got from the University of Glasgow to the airport at 4am that morning. Funnily enough neither did she. She couldn't remember as she was running very late for her flight and panicked. She must have injured her leg doing it because she arrived home with a sprained ankle, and bruises all over her shins.  Anyway, she was VERY happy to be home.

A beautiful sunset over Scottsdale by local photographer ©Chuck Taylor

Right now though, everyone is home now for the holidays. I have last minute Christmas shopping to do, of course, because I spent this week running holiday parties in my classes and shipping mask orders for other people's Christmas lists. We're going to see family in Cottonwood in the mountains this week on Christmas, and then Naomi and Phoebe will be going to youth winter camp in California. Chloe's boyfriend, Carson, is flying in this week as well, and we're taking them on a Mexican road trip. So many adventures to come!! Happy Holidays!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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