Monday, October 31, 2011

Ahhh! Zombies!

On Saturday night Phoebe and Naomi and I decided to join a zombie hoard making it's way through Old Town.

First we had to look the part.  Still feeling pretty sick myself, I definitely felt the part.

Chloe also dressed as a zombie girl scout.  She was going to be a guide at a haunted house built by her youth group.

The zombies gathered in the graveyard as we prepared for our walk.

This zombie family waits as we are given instructions.  No blocking traffic, no using weapons (some people showed up as zombie hunters- the shotguns were disconcerting. )

Mostly, though it was a good crowd.  

They had shops along the way that gave out "Zombie Treats" (mostly candy for the kids).

And people along the walk had agreed to be "victims".  They would scream "AHHHH ZOMBIES!" and we could "attack them".
Naomi and I in the graveyard.

Phoebe mingles with the other zombies.

Chloe was also a very spooky guide at the haunted house which came out great!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can't stop coughing...

My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practicing all night. 
 -John Philpot Curran
 When I lived in upstate NY I would get a cough that lasted for 2-3 months every winter.  When we moved to South America, it stopped happening and I was so-o glad.  I haven't been sick like that since.  This week I'm getting a reminder, and so is Mike, and Chloe, and this morning Naomi had a sore throat... arrgh!

I'm also trying to get some work done in my haze of fever and coughing.  I need to draw dragons.  Lots of dragons.  I've been commissioned to illustrate a children's book called "Catch a Dragon" by Ginger Nasser and I need to complete these sketches, but it's slow going.

Tomorrow is my class in InDesign (a design program on the computer) at the local community college.  Maybe it'll be better to sit in class than try to design a children's book, however tomorrow night is also the drawing class I teach.  I think I'll just buy some pumpkins and let the kids draw them while I try not to choke on my tongue in the corner. In the meantime please enjoy my spooky pumpkin man...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween on the "Art of the Red River"

For our Halloween episode we have special effects artist and reality TV show star, Megan Areford, from last season's run of "Face-off" on the Syfy channel. Megan grew up in Pittsburgh, PA in a loving household with her mother and stepfather. At the age of seven, her grandmother taught her how to put on makeup and encouraged her to paint and draw. She's a graduate of Tom Savini's Special FX School of Makeup.

Megan Areford with one of her creations

Our next guest is horror artist Joel Trudeau from Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada. He's the lead artist of Wormfood Studios, and currently lives with his wife in Brampton, Ontario. 

by artist Joel Trudeau

Our third guest will be Mark Thompson from Monstark Studios. Mark is the primary artist for bay area band "Nuclear Rabbit" and has a natural tendency towards drawing horrible monsters. Mark resides reclusively in San Rafael, California with wife and fellow weirdo, Laura. 
by Mark Thompson  

Our final guest is artist Robert Logan from S. Harpswell, Maine. His electric paintings appear on Pirate Ware, Beer advertisements and even Food trucks!

Some of Robert's client's include Red Bones, Capitol Records, Peabody Essex Museum, and YMCA...

Robert Logan painting

Tune in and listen to great conversations in art!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Times

Two days ago my 8 year old, Naomi, asked me to check tomorrow's weather for her.  So I popped open my laptop and quickly viewed the weather forecast.
 "73 degrees and sunny .  That means warm and sunny."
"Ok, Mom"
Except the next day was drizzly and overcast and a little chilly. So Naomi cornered me. "Mom, you were wrong!"
"I wasn't wrong -the computer was wrong."
"Oh, your computer is broken."  Then she let me off the hook.

Downtown in San Carlos de Bariloche

I've been missing life in Bariloche lately so I thought I'd share these other silly stories ….

As a family we made our way slowly down Calle Mitre in Bariloche.  This was the downtown tourist district and the street was lined with cafes and chocolate shoppes and filled with people.  A six year old Phoebe bent down and picked up a tiny, plastic toy off the sidewalk.
"Look what I found Daddy!" She said waving it up high to show us the little prize she found. It was a cheap little thing from inside a chocolate prize egg that are commonly sold in the chocolate boutiques. Immediately, 4 year old Naomi burst into hysterical tears. 
"I didn't get one!"
So Mike turns to her calmly and says "Don't worry you can have the next piece of crap we find on the sidewalk."

Phoebe and Naomi took baths together when they were 4 and 6 and we were having a problem.  They would decide to make it a bubble bath when I left the room and dump in all the shampoo.  They were even doing this with the "Head and Shoulders" shampoo, which was alarming as that shampoo was full of chemicals and expensive.  Mike went in and "discussed" the problem (loudly) with the 2 girls, and they promised to not do it again.
The following week, Mike traveled back to New York and I was with the kids alone in Bariloche. I walked in every 4 minutes or so to check on the girls in the bath and there was Phoebe holding the "Head and Shoulders" bottle.
"Don't worry Mommy. I just put a little on my shoulders." 

In more recent news we just had a great review of our comic "The People That Melt in The Rain" go up here, as well as this interview called "13 Questions for Mike and Carolyn".

Hasta luego. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazing Japan

For the past couple of months I've been researching Japanese folktales for a comic book series called "Fables for Japan"- the proceeds of which go to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. This week Mike and I are under a mad deadline to finish up our contribution.

It's definitely been a fascinating experience learning about their beautiful country and incredibly rich cultural heritage. Many of their folktales have much to do with samurai warriors and ghosts, but some are just strange stories of shape shifting animals called yōkai (usually it's a fox or raccoon). 

However one thing you learn very quickly when researching Japan is that it is the capital of weird.

In fact a google search on "weird Japan" will keep you stuck at your computer laughing for hours.

Anyway, the country has normalized for travel and there are many beautiful areas to go see that aren't glowing at all.  Some of these things would definitely be worth seeing in person!!

In other news, my last post on the chalking festival in Little Italy was quite popular.  If you'd like to read more about it check out my article on the event that I wrote for the Examiner!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drawing in the streets of Little Italy! Òttimo!

This weekend was the Gesso Italiano Festival in Little Italy .  It's one of two huge sidewalk chalking festivals here in San Diego, and Chloe was one of the kids chosen to represent her school, and create a masterpiece on the hot pavement.

Here she is with some of her other team mates on Saturday morning.

The teams all had to create a work of art that has an Italian influence or is a reproduction of an Italian master.

This one appears to be the Virgin Mary.

Saturday morning people were just getting started.

There was a large collection of artists nearby that were recreating the Sistine Chapel.

The cracks in the pavement really added to the illusion.

On Sunday morning the mural by Roosevelt I.B. Middle School was complete. I think they did an amazing job!

The Sistine Chapel came out pretty good too!
Some artists, though were still busy working even into Sunday.

This was one of the more contemporary images created by a family that participated.
Of course this was my daughter's favorite... Anything manga!

The fruit basket was flawlessly done.

This was a great event and an incredible festival.  I was so glad Chloe had a chance to participate!
On Saturday night we went to "Nunsense" and saw my sets in action.

Before the show I snapped some photos of my backdrops hung up.

For boring paintings of a school gymnasium they looked pretty good.

The nuns are pretty bleached out in this shot... Sorry.

It's a pretty cute show.

I really liked this nun puppet (made by Pam in the costume department).  The play runs for another week.  If you're in San Diego be sure to get your tickets!

Yesterday was really crazy.  Mike was rear ended while stopped at a yield sign  and now our bumper is quite crooked. By evening we needed to run to the art supply store and since we'd had enough driving for the day we walked.  After shopping a bit we decided to stroll up to the manga store as Mike had a gift certificate.  While we walked Phoebe talked (and talked and talked about her friends and school).  I was listening carefully to her and didn't notice the people up ahead running out of the manga shop. When a car squealed and I looked up at the crowd around me, all standing and staring off towards the sound.
 Then there was Mike saying "Did you see that!!"
"No." As a distraught young woman came stumbling back to the shop holding one of her shoes.  A man had just run into the manga store and stolen the sales girl's laptop.  Of all the things to steal he stole the one thing there that wasn't covered by the store's insurance.  That poor girl looked miserable.  After that we decided to head home as the shop girl was in no shape to sell us anything. Mike hadn't seen enough to be helpful to the police and I missed the whole thing.
Anyway, Mike has a new website up and many things for sale in his shop! Be sure to check it out. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nunsense, and a day at the clinic....

I finished the final two backdrops on Thursday in haze of exhaustion.

Here you can see one of them set up on stage (it works as a hallway stretching behind the set pieces.)  The other two are more interesting.

Naomi in the waiting room, by Mike Dubisch
Friday was spent at the clinic with Naomi (they couldn't give her an appointment on Thursday).  It turned out she needed an x-ray.  When they discovered we were cash pay they signed her up for a special temporary health insurance for kids.  Which is good as they prescribed antibiotics as well (last time they cost almost $100.00). Anyway they tortured her by poking a hole in her nail to relieve the pressure (I say tortured because the nurse was doing it wrong and by the time they found a doctor who knew what to do Naomi was terrified and cowering in the corner.)   Once he did this though she was doing much better and went back to school.  She also slept through the night! YAY!

Today Chloe joins other hand selected kids from her school to draw at the chalking festival in Little Italy.  It's a huge event that I've been wanting to see since we moved to San Diego! Hopefully I'll have some great pictures of the festival and Chloe's team to share.

Last night "Nunsense" opened. I couldn't go as I was teaching my class, but tonight we'll be there for the second performance.  This should be a great weekend- Ciao.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting in the wind

Today was rain and wind... lots of wind.  We're painting the backdrops under a covered patio area near two buildings so it was a wind tunnel today. Which was intense but got even more intense when the roof started leaking!

Phoebe and Chloe helped me after school and Phoebe went about and took pictures...

Our progress was pretty steady.  The girls painted red.

Chloe was determined to finish the tiles on backdrop number 2, even though she was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt (thirteen year olds are crazy-it was freezing with out there).  She did it though.

I continued my work on backdrop number 1.  I'm painting in the lockers here.

Slowly this backdrop was coming together.

This one has a payphone painted on it.  We're actually attaching a receiver to it and one of the nuns answers the" phone" during the play. Anyway this backdrop was completed when we left. One down two to go!
On Tuesday Naomi slammed her finger in our front door.  She cried a lot and her finger swelled up (a bit like a lollipop), but she calmed down and even though the nail was bruised she slept through the night. She seemed much better yesterday so we didn't go to the clinic.
When she came home from school she changed her band aid herself and put it on too tight.  Then she complained all evening, but we gave her ibuprofen and she went to bed.... Until 2am.  When she woke up hysterical.  I stayed up with her removed her bandage and got her back to sleep.  Now it's 5am and I'm still up.  No point in going to bed now though, my alarm goes off at 5:30.   Happy Thursday!
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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