Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Mural Project

Whoo-hoo! Two posts in a week.
It's actually cool here today!... Not enough for a jacket, but pants are okay.
We've been hired to paint a mural at my kids' Elementary School. It's really quite exciting as I've been enjoying the many interesting murals around the city and now we get to create one ourselves. This is the sketch... Which has so far been approved.

It's an "under the sea" theme, because the school mascot is a dolphin.

...and this is our wall!!

We've received some great news about the elementary school as well. Due to California's fiscal crisis they had no art at the school, but now, they've been approved for a special program that will bring in performing and visual artists in to work with the kids this year! We're really excited, as I've been dragging the kids to every library in the city for any available art program I can find.

This is Phoebe with one of her creations.

Chloe's new middle school has an art program so she's covered. She's also taking Spanish, but it's for beginners and she's a bit bored. There are some native Spanish speakers in her class so hopefully she will be grouped with them. On the plus side she was able to help a Spanish-speaking girl in her Social Studies class understand the lesson. So many kids in Argentina did this for her and she was so excited to help someone else in this way!

On Thursday, October 1st, Mike and I are guests on The Red River Writers Live- Blog Talk Radio Show. The show starts at 12:00pm central and you can listen at this site...

Red River Writers Live

Hope you tune in! Hasta luego... :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A party and a possom... some other stuff too!

July, August and September are the hottest months here in San Diego. This is what I've been told and ARGH! I hope they're right. It's been so hot even in the shade sometimes. Fortunately, though the big brush fire was too far north to effect us here. I think a heat wave and a smoke filled city would have been pretty miserable.
In late August, Naomi turned six and we celebrated with a party in Balboa Park next to the playground. Then we all went for a walk through the Japanese Friendship Gardens... The children loved the koi pond!

Here we are by the playground.

Here's Naomi and the girls.The little one is a friend named Molly.

Naomi posing in the friendship garden!

Here's a shot inside the garden.

Near summer's end we took the girls to the Model Railroad Museum. They had a free day for residents of San Diego and it turned out to be a fascinating place!

There's so much detail in these displays... and so many rooms at the museum it was great!

It takes them 15 years to set up a room like this!

I loved this little fifties diner!

During the last week of summer Isabella (our cat) had a friend sleep over on the patio.... Didn't work out though.

This is the girls in the morning of their first day of school (their third first day of school in six months!). As you can see Chloe wears a uniform to her middle school. She was not too thrilled about it but she's gotten used to it. All of them are enjoying their new classes and have fallen quickly back into the school schedule.
Mike and I are busy with loads of work as usual. I was just interviewed about my web comics on one of the websites that carries them... Here's the link!
Hasta Luego :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Won!!!

This is our acceptance speech...

This is a link to the award presentation (very funny)

awards presentation

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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