Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cirque De Soleil and more on the horizon

Our time in Las Vegas was short. We spent our day milling around the Tahiti Village resort. Using the hot tub and running to the mall nearby for warmer clothes (Las Vegas is much colder than we thought it'd be!)

This is from a walkway in the resort, which had a lazy river, a pool and two fancy hot tubs.

At sunset we took the shuttle to the strip to get over to Treasure Island for Mystére, a Cirque de Soleil production.

It wasn't hard to find so we were early. We hung around taking photos.

The girls outside the theater.

Mike and I before the show.

The gift shop was impressive. This statue was near the ceiling.

In fact these statues were all around.

They're pretty amazing. 

         Finally we went in, and the show itself was astonishing! The things these performers do are hard to even believe. In this day and age of special effects it's easy to be jaded, but the feats the artists were doing became all too real two thirds of the way through the show when a trampoline artist was injured. The show stopped and he was taken offstage by medics. The rest of the show had an edge to it as we watched and became very intense. Anyway after the final act they announced that the man who was injured was responding well to treatment. I hope he can perform again soon.
        That night we slept for 4 hours and then hit the road at 4am so Mike and I could both be home to teach our final classes before Thanksgiving.

While we were in Vegas I was notified that Mike and I have been invited to another artist residency in Southern Iceland! We had to postpone until the summer of 2019, but I so hope we can make it!  We're so excited!

  Today we head into the mountains to see family for the holiday. To all my friends here in the United States:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Vegas in 2 Days

The fabulous news is that Chloe's back! She's home from Missouri for Thanksgiving which is awesome since we haven't seen her since August. We took a photo of the three girls at the airport and it's so great to see them all together again!

The next morning was a bit of a run around as we got things ready to go. It was Phoebe's 16th birthday and we were headed to Las Vegas!!

We drove over the mountains and through the desert and I discovered that Las Vegas is sooo much colder than Phoenix right now!! Unfortunately, Chloe was the only one with proper outerwear, as Missouri is pretty cold as well at the moment.

After the long drive we didn't really go out last night, but Phoebe did open her gift in the hotel room. Big plans today though! Cirque De Soleil awaits. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More from Florida

We are in Venice Florida, which has a population that seems to consist of people over 68. All day long people call me young lady. I feel like I'm 18 again!(except the legal drinking). Anyway the uber driver I rode with called the area "God's Waiting Room".

Probably the most confusing thing for me was that I flew east from Arizona for 4 and a half hours, yet people kept referring to Sarasota as being on the "west coast". By that they meant the western coast of Florida, but when they said it I would always give them a blank stare for several seconds before I understood. For me the west coast is always California (or Oregon or Washington, but not Florida!)

On the second day I walked across to the Winn Dixie from the hotel, which I thought was a kid's book and movie, but turns out it's also a supermarket. (Naomi was rolling her eyes at me, she actually read the book.) Anyway I saw this interesting bird hanging out in a ditch by the market.

We missed our ride again that morning so we had a late start on day 2

Saturday was super sunny, making up for the previous day's overcast skies.

It was so hot I forgot to pay attention to staying hydrated and got pretty dizzy.

I spent an extra long time in the artist tent at lunch to recuperate.

This is when I stopped for lunch, some people didn't though.

Soon I was back at it. The crowds on Saturday were crazy.

That day I finished!

Circling Fish through a fisheye!!

The next day I went back to help my new friend Mythica with her piece, since I'd finished early.

Mythica Von Gryffin's painting

Hers is a mural that memorializes "Tico", a chalk artist that passed away. It works with 3D glasses!!

Now I'm back in Phoenix. It was quite an adventure to connect with artists from all over the world and create art side by side with them. I do hope to see them all at the next festival!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Chalk Art in Florida

So here we are on Florida's west coast. By "we" I mean Naomi and I. We arrived late at night on Thursday after flying next to a man who never spoke a single word to me sniffing every 2 seconds from Phoenix to Tampa. It was a full flight, but it arrived on time and once we got to the airport we were joined by a crowd of other artists who'd also just arrived from all over the world. All of us squeezed into a 15 seat van provided by The Sarasota International Chalk Art Festival.

An hour later, close to midnight, Naomi and I found ourselves wandering down an outside hall searching for our hotel room. A large white lizard was scurrying along the wall, running in a panic in the other direction. As exhausted as we were, it took ages to get to sleep.

Naomi waiting for our ride
                        The next morning we managed to get a ride and get set up in our space.

This is the view from our spot.

The festival takes place at the Venice airport on the landing strip.

By lunch we'd made some good progress.

When I looked around it seemed as if everyone had made good progress as well.

The artists at this event are some of the best chalk artists in the world so there was a lot to see.

This wall mural is being created by a muralist who has huge murals in Chicago and NY.

This is where we stopped on Friday. That night we met all the artists for dinner by the beach and a bonfire event, but boy were my knees and hands aching.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Halloween and a chalk festival

Last week Mike went to Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. He was gone for 4 days which was a drag.

Anyway, I've been so busy with masks that Halloween just suddenly happened! Here's Phoebe on her way out that night. She's wearing her Lava girl costume that she whipped together in an impressive 2 hours before a party using scissors and a glue gun. It lights up!

Naomi was Fantastic Mr. Fox

Here she is with her friend Harmony.

The scariest part of Halloween was my doctor's appointment which was all about cancer screenings and getting genetically tested for the breast cancer gene (there's a family history).

This is my painting "Circling Fish" that I'll be recreating in chalk with my assistant, Naomi, on a 12'x12' space.   On Thursday Naomi and I are flying to Tampa, Florida. We're guest artists at the Sarasota Chalk art Festival and will be staying next to the beach with artists from all over the world! Very excited!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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