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Mike is off to another comic con and yes, I'm going to talk about my new book some more

  Here he is on a plane! Flying to the LA Comic Con. He's dragging books and art to sell (yes some of my books too!) and our new book " Deluge" will be available at his table (which I'm not sure which number it is but Mike will be at the Monkey Gong table). He's also going to be on a panel called "Spotlight on The World of Dario Bava" on Saturday at 11am. So if you're in LA please stop in and check it out! I am still in Mazatlán right now, but the exciting news (for me anyway) is that I've finally gotten a copy of my book that came out last month!  I ordered my hardcovers the first of November and they've been stuck in customs in Mexico City for so long that I just went ahead and ordered a paperback from Amazon!  Anyway, " The Lighthouse Cats of Mazatlán " have been getting some awesome reviews and was featured today on the Utterly Good Books website! Yesterday Naomi cam back from Arizona after visiting Phoebe at school in Tucson.

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