Sunday, July 26, 2015

Promo shots for my show and the miserable week

"An Intelligent Breed" by Carolyn Watson Dubisch -photo ©Duke Photography

About a week and half ago we brought some of my sculptures into Duke Photography for some promotional shots for my show next month.

"Reading in The Bath" by Carolyn Watson Dubisch- photo ©Duke Photography
The photographer, David Willhe, was very good, and seemed to enjoy shooting my art.

"The Gift" by Carolyn Watson Dubisch, photo ©Duke Photography
Anyway we got some good shots and now my art is up on the website here. I've also been working on some paintings for my show.  This is one of them....

The Garden Fairies by Carolyn Watson Dubisch

I'm painting six images on cut wood panels. I have finished almost five, so just one and half to go!

Unfortunately this last week was a pretty awful one. On Tuesday a nurse finally called me about my test results from the doctor. Apparently I'm pre-diabetic, which means now I have to eat better, exercise and test my blood sugar levels. On Wednesday I got a toothache and am now scheduled for a root canal next week. And then Thursday morning I was bit by a tiny insect on my ankle while walking the dog. I squashed it and didn't think about it for till the evening. Around 4pm it started itching and swelling.....

So when it looked like this I went to urgent care.  They put me on antibiotics and said to wait, and "It'll go down on it's own." So I came home and now after several days it looks like this...

Which is just so lovely. It doesn't hurt but I feel like a mutant growing another foot!  Anyway I've been hiding my ankle under a bandage and waiting for it to resolve itself, but it's really putting me in a bad mood.  Anyway here's hoping next week is a better one!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A holiday in Rimrock

Last weekend we traveled north out of the blistering city and  into the mountains for a 4th of July weekend with family.

It was amazing how a couple of hours outside of the city can make such a difference. It was so much cooler we decided to go for a hike (in the middle of the day!!)

We stopped at Montezuma's Well, which is a natural limestone sinkhole in Rimrock, AZ. It's also an archeological site that has ruins of dwellings of the Sinagua people.

This is Oscar at the beginning of the walk.  All along the trail were huge nests of harvester ants (big red ants), anyway they bit Oscar pretty fiercely.

Poor guy had to be carried back to the car.  He hung out in there with Naomi, who was very involved with her book.

Mike and I by the well at the top of the trail.

The well from above.

From there we hiked down to the creek that feeds the well.

Chloe near the creek.

Hiking down to the creek.

Mike from below.

A better picture of Mike.

On the walkway next to the creek.

From the creek we hiked back up to the well and took the trail down to the water.

These ancient stairs weren't exactly welcoming.

Hiking down to the well.

The hike down had some amazing views!

This is an ancient dwelling by the water's edge.

After Montezuma's Well we went to a family gathering for July 4th. 

Mike's Uncle Ray and Aunt Jill hosted us all (that's their labradoodle, Max,with them). They were kind enough to treat Oscar's bites with some benadryl, who bounced back immediately!

Mike's baby cousin, Joyce was walking all over the house.

It was a great day out of the city. From Jill and Ray's rooftop we ended the evening watching fireworks from the nearby casino.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flying planes and LepreCon

Chloe is home from Aviation camp.  She spent the week learning about charting a course....

Listening to various speakers and practicing in simulators (which she gleefully crashed each and every time, including the helicopter one!)

On Thursday morning she flew a plane from Prescott to Scottsdale airport with the other girls in the camp. Then they toured an old airplane graveyard.

Inspecting a propeller.

So glad this wasn't the plane they were flying.

This one has many important parts missing.

Chloe and her friend by a tail fin.

....And in front of a large, green wreck.

She arrived home on Friday night, very happy to be home.  She's a vegan and their "vegetarian meals" consisted of a large block of uncooked tofu with soy sauce dumped on it.

Before she returned, on Friday afternoon we watched Phoebe in her month long theater camp's production "Honk". Unfortunately our camera was with Chloe at her Aviation camp, but she was fabulous!

In other news I finally received my proof of my new book...

It's a huge hardcover of my entire comic series "The Horribles" with a fabulous cover by Mike (Dubisch)!!! I was thrilled to be able debut it at LepreCon where we had a booth last weekend.

It was a smaller local con, but we met people, sold books and had a good time.

Also we had a chance to try out our new banners.  Which I think look pretty great. :)

On Sunday night after the convention we brought Naomi out to A.S.U. in Tempe for a sleepover, summer film camp in the college dorms.  We set her up in her own private room (with a view) for the week.  She wrote us to let us know that she was elected to be the director for the film her group was making!  I hope it's going well, I guess we'll see on Friday.

This week I also finished this painting last week for my upcoming solo show in August. It's one of just a few paintings (the rest are sculptures) that will be in the exhibit. It's called "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and is painted on a shaped wooden panel. Have an excellent week!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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