Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break activity #56 "Marbling Eggs"

My two youngest kids are on an epic spring break...Four weeks! They go to year round school so it rivals their summer break.  The first 2 weeks zipped by with Science Safari camp and "Seussical", but that's all over now.... So we prepped for Easter by making extra fancy marbled eggs!

We started by mixing food coloring with white vinegar and water.  We dyed them in light colors first...

Naomi is mixing purple.

Phoebe dying red ones.

The last step is to mix water, dye and olive oil.  Then add the dry, dyed  eggs to marble a color on top.

The kids did a great job!

In other news, some of my books have gone live this week on Google Books!

Have a Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seussical closes, but there's always another show...

"Seussical" had it's final curtain on Saturday. My kids are pretty devastated and miss their "Seussical Family" but it's for the best. I can finally think straight and catch up on some work.

Next Monday is another episode of "Art Of The Red River" and we're looking forward to talking with some incredible talent.

This is by artist Paul Carrick, who Mike will be chatting with. An artist from Martha's Vineyard and son of Donald and Carol Carrick a well known illustrator/writer team that created many children's books. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design and studied illustration, then with his father's passing, found himself illustrating two of his mother's children's books that his father was going to do.  Since then he's illustrated for numerous role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and fallen into creating a huge body of work inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft, which led to numerous gallery exhibitions.
To see more of his work ghere!

I'll be talking with our second guest, Tom Brown, also a New England artist joining us from his new residence on a long boat .  Over the years, art has taken Tom to some strange conceptual places – many of them H.P. Lovecraft influenced – with work including a Christmas card featuring Lovecraft, H.P. Lovecraft mythos themed designs for a deck of cards and art for HPL mythos role play game book.. He has also worked for a more conventional greeting card company – no tentacles there – and designed various CD covers.  He'll be joining us to talk about his  webcomic "Hopeless Maine", that was recently nominated for an Eagle Award. To see his work in Hopeless Maine go here!

Our co-host, Wade Zahares will then be talking with two guests. Berri Kramer, the president and teacher of Heartwood College of Art , in Kennebunk, Maine, and curator of a portion of an upcoming show that takes place at Heartwood, Drawing and Quartered. Also on the show is Susan Wilder, Vice President and teacher at the school and her beautiful tromp l'oeil work will be included in the show (and is shown above).  To learn more about the school and it's shows and events go here!

Anyway I hope you'll join us for "Art Of The Red River"

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Seussical" tonight from The Looking Glass Theater

Tonight is another performance of "Seussical" and everyone's gearing up for a busy weekend! I've been taking more photos and I thought I'd share them...
Here I am working in the make-up room.

Naomi in costume, and ready for her "Who" make-up.

"The Cat in The Hat" onstage.  She's such an animated narrator for the show!

Mayzie on her nest and Horton in the clovers.

All the Whos singing onstage (including "The Grinch"). Phoebe's on the right, Naomi's on the left.

Horton on the nest.

Horton in the rain (I made the watering can).

Here's Horton on the nest in the snow (he put a scarf on the egg).

Two "whos" by the dressing room.

Final scene with "The Elephant Bird" (center stage).  

If you'll be in San Diego and you'd like some tickets for the next performance you can get them here!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monsters in Burbank

On Sunday morning after a late night of "Seussical" we headed out to Burbank for "Monsterpalooza"!!

Right in the front room was this guy getting made up....
He sat there for hours and every so often during the day we checked back on the progress...
This is him wearing all the appliances.
Now the girls are starting to apply some color.

When he was nearly finished we got to pose with him.

    Here he is after hours of sitting still.  No, I don't think he went nuts-That straight jacket's just part of his crazy bird guy costume!!!  

Of course as we walked around there were so many things to see I used up my memory card in my camera!

Inside the museum we found "Reagan".

When I was fourteen I showed "The Exorcist" at my slumber party.  Many of my guests went home, the others didn't sleep so well! By the way this was an amazing sculpture.

"Beetlejuice" walked around all day, and was nearly as annoying as the character in the movie.

These faces looked incredibly real.
The girls were enjoying themselves...

These amazing masks are by our friend Bruce Fuller.
This is another friend, Jason Hite with his incredible sculptures in his booth.

Off to see the wizard....
Let's not forget "Tick Tock"!!!

What beautiful blue eyes you have!
 They met in line!

Phoebe was ecstatic to meet reality show star, Jo Holland, from this season's "Face-off" on the Syfy Channel!  (Okay, okay,so was I!).

So many monsters....

So much great art...
"Monsterpalooza" was a blast!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

So many rehearsals....

Today is opening night for "Seussical".  Which means late night dress rehearsals all week here.  Mike and I are in the make up room.  He's been assigned the Grinch, and has been evolving his makeup all week.  This is the first try...

Here he is last night at the final dress....

As you can see he lightened the mouth and that little imp, Ingrid, jumped in the shot.  She plays a jungle animal and a fish and happens to be a talented dancer.

This is "Mayzie" in the play.  She just came offstage. No she won't be wearing jeans tonight.

These are two (of three) bird girls.

Gabe is one of the Wickersham brothers (they're monkeys).

One of the makeup department heads, Sarah, painting Vlad the eagle's eyes.

These are the hunters, waiting for their cue to go on.

This is the only onstage shot I dared take, as I couldn't turn off my flash.  This morning I figured it out though, so tonight, I'm getting some photos!!
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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