Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Horribles

Mike created some drawings of my characters from "The Horribles" for me that I thought I'd share here....

This is his take on Fang and Claw Swill.

This is A. Monster Horrible.

And that crazy witch, Lucinda.

In the meantime I wrote a plague of frogs into the plot.  That wouldn't be annoying right? Drawing panel after panel of fifty to a hundred frogs!   Anyway be sure to check out the web comic here!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last days of school and a visit to Marukai Marketplace

As the final days of Phoebe and Naomi's school were upon us I realized we needed some teacher gifts.  To make it interesting we visit the a Japanese marketplace called Marukai.

You can tell just from their surveillance sign that this was going to awesome.

...And they did have some lovely things inside.

Also some interesting things. These are vitamin supplements (with elephants).

They also had many odd things like this little dog you're supposed to microwave. He also has a lavender scented tummy!

The sushi clock... Because it's always sushi time!

This toy dog had a carefully placed air pump to make it look like he was breathing.  It was more than a little creepy.  This picture just doesn't show it, so you'll have to trust me.

This is a small giraffe that is a screen wipe for your computer.  He has a lemon scent (unlike real giraffes).  There were many other small animal screen wipes to clean your computer with as well. 

In the end we skipped the weirder stuff and got the teachers some very pretty mugs and filled them with Japanese chocolates.

Meanwhile Phoebe entertained us with reader's theater at school....

Her class performed some writing pieces they worked on throughout the year. She was so good at being onstage the teacher kept adding her to the other kids skits!

Here she is reading her story about a flood (I wonder where she got that idea!)

She did a really great job!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red River Radio Presents...

 So in addition to a million other things (like driving my kids around and such) I was doing this on Monday...

 Red River Radio presents "Art of The Red River" Your window into the world of art. Artists, Wade Zahares, Mike Dubisch, and Carolyn Watson-Dubisch interview sculptors and artists from all walks of life.

 Our first guest is sculptor Nathan Nicholls.A welder/sculptor of recycled/found metal objects. His current passion is transforming his yard into an extensive sculpture park where people can come and meditate or simply enjoy the view. He has works on display at his home gallery in Waldoboro, Maine, at many area galleries and businesses. His sculptures are on extended exhibit at the Liberty tool museum in Liberty, Maine and Hulls cove in Bar Harbor, Maine. His work also has shown at the Penobscot Marine museum in Belfast Maine and he has sold works to many people far and near.

After Nathan will be cartoonist and animator Mike Bocianowski.His work has shown in the Untied States and Poland and he's the creator of the popular comic series "Chuck The Ugly American".  His latest comic book series "Yets!" is also proving to be just as engaging. He's taught animation at the Edinboro University and was the featured artist on a PBS show called "Egg". We're thrilled to have this diverse and creative cartoonist and animator join us today.

Our final guest is Frank Dixon. Frank Dixon studied art and illustration at Art Center College of Design and received his MFA in fine arts from California State University at Los Angeles. His background ranges from portrait artist on the Queen Mary, to award winning graphic designer/ illustrator for NASA, to a popular art instructor in Southern California. Many of his treetch paintings and writings are featured in his three books: Drawing Treetch and other Fantastic Creatures, The Struggles of A Treetch, and The Art of Frank Robert Dixon . He lives with his wife and two children in a land of rolling hills and rather large trees in southern California.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Drinking at the library

I was going to call this post something classy like"An Art Reception in Encinitas", but I figured focusing on the booze would get more attention.  Anyway we went to a really nice, really classy closing reception for "The Shape Shifters" show at the Encititas Library gallery.
The art of Rick Berry and Vanessa Lemen was excellent...

This one by Vanessa was one of my favorites.

And what can I say about Rick Berry's work, he's and dynamic painter that's wildly famous for it.

We all enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed all the wine and food we could eat.  I haven't been to an art reception so classy since we lived in Bariloche! After the show we took a walk through the park before getting on the road (did I mention there was wine?) so we took our time.  Anyway I wrote about the show here for The San Diego Examiner.... Check it out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a bunch of stuff that happened

Stuff like comic con....
The Hobbit was the thing this year, and here's Bilbo Baggins (or someone who wishes he was).

Some geek bonding as one attendee brushes this guy's wig.
 I like comic con better when I'm sitting at a booth than milling through the crowd, and I had quite a nice time sketching at "The Cartoon Art Museum" booth for a few days. 

On Saturday I left Comic Con and threw Naomi's birthday party...
Here she is opening presents.

 With her best friend Ruby.

Me and nine kids for pizza and a movie.  We even took the trolley there... Thank goodness Chloe was around to help out!

Chloe has been pretty busy lately with 3 weeks of camp!  First it was resident camp in the mountains then day camp at the Y and last week her theater camp.  She has become the master of the lanyard.
Here she is on her last day of camp when they visited Disneyland...

Anyway the movie we saw at Naomi's party was "Brave".  I have to say it was the best turning into a bear movie I've seen all year!  You should probably see it, especially if you like jokes about kilts. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unicorns, rainbows and comic books

From The Simpsons...

 [watching a green Homer being taken down by the cops]
 Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk... I'M the Hulk!
[rips his shirt open, growls, and tries to change into the Hulk]
Comic Book Guy: Oh, please. You couldn't even change into Bill Bixby.
Stan Lee: Come on, dammit, change!
[continues to growl and signs]
Stan Lee: Ah, forget it.
[goes back to growling]
Stan Lee: I really did it once.
Comic Book Guy: Yes, yes. I just wish you had the power to leave my store.
[they go back inside and Stan Lee starts growling again]
Comic Book Guy: Almost had it there.

Well, Stan Lee did leave the store and starting today he's in San Diego for San Diego Comic Con (along with everyone else it seems).  I'll be there tomorrow at The Cartoon Art Museum booth(#1930) , and again on Sunday.  But Mike (my husband) well, he'll be there all week and tonight he's at booth L15 in the Small Press Pavilion, but his schedule is more complicated than that for the rest of the week and I can't keep track. :)

 This week I've been driving Chloe up to her theater camp in Balboa Park every day and a new interesting exhibit was just put up along our driving route.  It seems to be an interactive display that changes quite a lot.  I pointed it out to Chloe and said. "My favorite one is Before I die I want to ride a unicorn- it's rather unlikely, though."
"Yeah, but if you had a chance to ride a unicorn I'd take it wouldn't you"
"Well, only if it's over a rainbow!"
"That would be better, but it seems a little more likely AFTER you die"
"That's true... Or maybe in coma dream!"
So in conclusion it should read...
Before I die I want to ride a unicorn over a rainbow in a coma dream....


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free Coffee Day

Today was "Free Coffee Day" at Starbucks, if you are just reading this right now and thinking "Ugh! I missed it!".... GO! Go! It's going on all day.  Anyway, like most people, I just happen to live within walking distance to at least five Starbucks, so this morning we headed off for our first coffee walk.  It went quite well, in that they gave us coffee.  As we sat outside sipping away I spied an abandoned purse near another table.  No one was around so I grabbed it (being someone who has lost their purse many times), and proceeded to look for ID.  I found the woman's cell phone and just as I started calling a contact in her phone that shared her last name Mike spotted her.  She was a very nice elderly woman who insisted repeatedly on giving me money.  So our first coffee outing resulted in a cash reward!

 Our second coffee outing came after lunch.  This time we brought Phoebe and Chloe who ordered frozen smoothies, courtesy of the purse incident.  Don't despair though, the second outing was no less exciting for when I went to use the unisex bathroom I boldly walked in on a man peeing.  Who doesn't believe in locking the door of a public restroom?  I'm beginning to think a third outing may be more than I can handle, as I'm pretty hopped up on the coffee I've already consumed and who knows what's behind door number three!

Last weekend we saw "Wicked".  IT. WAS.  SPECTACULAR.
Here are the three girls before the show.  Naomi is a bit wired and goofy (Can you tell?)

Phoebe before the curtain went up.  She was fighting a fever that day, but wasn't going to miss this!

This is the stage as the audience filed in.  The animatronic dragon along with all of the sets was something to behold.  I was riveted throughout this show, and our seats in the mezzanine were fantastic!

In other news we have received a visitor from Finland...
"Pink Lady" is a Toy Voyager. These little toys travel the world and she will be joining us on our journey across the continent  while we update her blog.  We've hosted toy voyagers before and thought this would be fun for our travels.

We also went to my friend Kelly Clark Moncure's photo exhibit up in Carlsbad.
This is Kelly outside the cafe.

Her work is worth your time if you're in the Carlsbad area.  I reviewed her show here for the Examiner. Anyway I hope everyone here in the States is enjoying their explosives and grilled meat.  

   Happy Fourth of July!!
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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