Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Masks, a head dress and a search for the typhoid vaccine

Chloe has already gone back to school in Missouri. Her last day in Phoenix was a hectic one, as she hadn't really packed at all, but I'd made her an appointment at the Walgreens on the corner to get her vaccine for our trip to Morocco. She wasn't sure yet about coming home on Spring Break so I wanted her ready to go when she arrived home before our trip in May.

It sounded like a good idea. She has a quick appointment then gets her typhoid vaccine and home again to pack and get ready.....But all good plans.... Anyway upon arrival she had forgotten her ID, so a quick trip home and back was the very first step. Then it turns out they like to prescribe the oral vaccine which is taken every other day for 3 days and is stored in a fridge, except she was leaving on a plane in the morning, so that won't work. The clinic nurse prescribed a shot to be given at a pharmacy across town (that Walgreens didn't have it). So we got on the road to next Walgreens. Upon arrival we learn that while they have the typhoid shot in stock, the pharmacist there isn't certified to give it to her. After much waiting and many phone calls we are sent off the Scottsdale to a pharmacy there. Now it was inching towards rush hour so getting there took a good long while but once arrived she was whisked to back and voila!! Chloe won't get typhoid!! (She did get a sore arm however.)

Phoebe and Naomi are also back in school of course. Though it's a slow start with the holiday weekend last week and I've been busy with many mask commissions.

This is an in progress photo of a head dress I made for Nala for a production of "The Lion King"

Here it is finished. I sculpted it attached to a baseball hat, but still had to add a strap. They may want me to work on more head dresses, but I'm still waiting to hear.

This is a cow skull mask I'm still working on for a film in California. It's mostly finished, but the director wants some changes on the horns. I've also been filling tons of other orders and illustrating a children's book called "Hockey Toes" (I'll share some images soon.). Next week I go back to my teaching schedule as well.

The weather here is gorgeous however and we've managed to take some great hikes with the dog around the city.  This is one of the best times of the year in Phoenix, so I hate to spend it all at my desk! Anyway, Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Lights of the World Lantern Festival

For the final week of our holiday break we took a day to visit the "Light of The World Lantern Festival" which boasted acres of lights, an acrobat show, amusement rides and international food vendors.

It was a bit of a drive out to Chandler during rush hour, but well worth it!

Though, right away Mike was attacked by a dinosaur!

He recovered quickly....

The girls in the entrance tunnel.

Mexico in lights.

A stunning phoenix sculpture!

The Statue of Liberty

We took a minute to walk on the changing light steps.

The panda by the China light display.  Most of the festival was influenced by China, as it's based on the Chinese Lantern festival.

Phoebe and Chloe on light swings.

Mike and I in the lantern tunnel.

The pretty lotus flower on top of the lantern tunnel.

Mike by the dragon. It was made entirely of china plates and was really incredible craftsmanship.

Walkway to Africa.

Egypt in lights.

Camels of north Africa.

Me by the Kremlin lights.

Seahorses under the sea.

Mike by the jellyfish.

Naomi banging the Korean drum.

Phoebe picked up some fancy cotton candy that they sculpted in front of her.

A baby dino hatching by Dinotopia

The big mouth dino by the entrance of Dinotopia.

  After walking around a bit we headed over to the light tunnel for the food and craft vendors. Though they advertised international food, it was really just one French Canadian stand selling fries with gravy,  a lot of Chinese food, and Mexican (which is really just regular food in any state that borders Mexico). It was pretty good though, but it made us late to the acrobat show. Which I was way too busy watching to take any pictures. It was truly a spectacle!

All in all a great night out!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Right now it is New Year's morning and outside it is pouring rain. It's really uncommon for Phoenix to be so dark and gloomy and WET!

Christmas morning came and went in our house, and off we went into the mountains....

We live in a place where it's exciting to see snow on the ground, so I took pictures of it as we headed up north.

The mountains in the distance.

We arrived at Mike's uncle's house fairly late, but seeing family was all that mattered. Here's Naomi with the cousins on Christmas day.

2016 has been full of trials but also many good moments. Here a few of mine:

#1 Watching Chloe graduate from High School.
#2 Getting lost in Tijuana and discovering our Spanish is not as bad as we thought!
#3 Finally trying one of those Segway tours (which was loads of fun till I fell off and got a bit scraped up).
#4 Getting invited to an artist residency at the Green Olive Arts Center in Morocco (which means 2017 will be even better when we go!!)

For New Years Eve we broke with our hat making tradition and went to see the new Star Wars movie. Chloe is home (after an epic journey through snow and ice a couple of weeks ago) and she made us all her homemade lasagna. Unfortunately, Rogue One was a bit gloomy to ring in the New Year with as literally everyone dies (kind of like a zombie movie). However it was also the second to last night of Hanukkah, so that was quite nice. As I sit here eating lasagna for breakfast (Did I mention, Chloe made A LOT!), I just want to say.....

Happy 2017!!!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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