Saturday, September 29, 2012

bugs and doodles

I've been very busy over on my art blog Carolyn's Art....

An earthworm from my "Bug Book"

I've been putting up a lot of my insect and old sketchbook drawings that I've recently unearthed...

"Cleaning Big head's teeth"

It's fun to find these things after a few years and take a fresh look at them...

Wild boar study
So be sure to take a peek over at my art blog now and again!!!

In the meantime... We're off to an HP Lovecraft film festival this weekend.... Mike's a guest and we have a table!!

blank ant painting

Come buy stuff!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

From one lakehouse to another

We arrived at our friend, Santo's, lake house in Wisconsin late in the evening and while we went in and met his family and were shown our bedrooms, my cat had other ideas.  She slipped out the crack in the window of the car and disappeared into the woods.  I guess she was ready for a walk around after days and days in the car. We left the doors of our car open and an hour or so later there she was sitting inside like she'd been there all along.  She also brought us a little dead mole (fortunately I found it  before we set out again).
We spent two beautiful days at Lake Geneva.  We went boating and the kids went tubing.

We went to town and went in the lake.

Mike on the boat.
In town by the water.

Before long though we continued on through Toledo and into Pennsylvania. 
It was interesting to see the trucker showers at all the rest areas and even this trucker's chapel! 

We stopped for the night in the only hotel with a room for miles near Boston.  It was a Motel 6 and they gave us a smoking room as everything was all booked up. Let me say this once… NEVER EVER stay in a smoking room.  It is really, REALLY, awful.  We left the next morning wishing we'd slept outside on the ground, and stinking like we'd smoked a couple of packs.
That day we arrived in the Belgrade Lake region of Maine, and drove to the little house on the water that we'd set out for ten days earlier.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back on the air!!

Once upon a time, in a magical place, there lived a lot of whimsical creatures and silly beasts. But not to worry, you only stumbled upon K. Michael Crawford's Art..."From the moment I could hold a crayon in my hand, there hasn't been a time when I haven't been drawing and creating whimsical and quirky characters... all whom dwell in a magical land within my enchanted imagination. I have illustrated over 30 children's books for publishers and educational companies and have won a number of awards for my art and books. Most recently, The Mystery of Journeys Crowne won a Biblio 2009 Best of the Year." 

Next on our show is Kraig Rasmussen. Kraig  describes himself as “a life long comic book artist, writer and rabid film geek.”  Rasmussen is the creator of the popular character Rocketboy, and is also a founder and contributing artist of White Rabbit Magazine, a comic book anthology featuring the works of seven creators, perfect bound and printed in full color.

"Shoes speak volumes about the lives we lead,'' says Kelly Jo Shows of Kennebunk, who is painting a series of portraits of artist shoes. ''They develop a character over the years, and are a road map of the hours spent in them and the places we have been.'' Shows, 44, collects shoes by word of mouth, and also sends out letters to artists she admires. She sets up the shoes in her studio, then begins making paintings of them just as she would if the subject were a living person. She's painted the shoes of painter Jamie Wyeth, Broadway performer Leslie Giammanco, and performance artist Goldie Peacock. They are a curious still-life form animated by the spirit of their donor. Her exhibition titled ''Shoe In'' from June 16 to July 14 at Heartwood College of Art.

Join us this Monday with this month's group of artists and visionaries!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado and the midwest

From here we wove our way north into the mountains.  Colorado is majestic to say the least!

We headed into mountains!


Colorado is a beautiful state!

As we drove we'd see a big letter on the side of a mountain.  The first one we spotted was a giant "A".  Then was a giant"S" and then later another"S".
"Hey mom what does it spell so far?"
"Umm… let's wait till we find more letters"
This was a pit stop.

We stopped in on my Aunt Janet and Uncle Larry in Denver.

... and then jetted across Nebraska to Iowa.
This was the Great Nebraska archway... the only distinguishing feature on the drive thru the state.
Iowa was also hot.  Everywhere was.

 We did a quick hot walk through downtown Des Moines. 

Then stopped to take a look at the sculptures in the PappaJohn's Sculpture park.

They were pretty awesome.

this one's a spider -thingy.

Big Head.

If you're ever in Iowa... It's worth a look!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Journey Begins

It began with packing.  It always does.  We packed everything we had into a little trailer on a very hot San Diego day and set off for the other side of the country.

We stopped at four corners on the edge of Arizona. 
The girls did gymnastics in four states at once!

I just got a sunburn in four states at once. It was so hot it was hard to be outside.  We bought a "frito pie" from the Navajo's food stand.  It was made with actual frito corn chips. The girls bought "fry bread" and trinkets.

Next entry..." Into the mid west"

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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