Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spring art shows!

Art cakes by Beatrice Moore
      Last weekend was the opening of the Mutant Piñata Show and Mike and I, of course, were there with bells on (ok, does anyone other than a cow wear bells? ). In fact I'm in this slide show from The New Times -slide #35- with my spider piñata.

Pink Angler Fish Head
Some of the piñatas were more sculptures and less of something you'd hit with a bat.

Here's my spider in the foreground.

One of the more unusual ones (that's saying A LOT at the Mutant Piñata Show).

       Anyway while Mike and I were milling around the art shows for Art Detour Weekend, Naomi and Phoebe were at a Youth Group event in Chandler. They had a great time but 2 days later Naomi came down with the worst cold I've ever seen her with (seriously, I was looking up symptoms of meningitis, because we are late with that one vaccine. How do people who don't vaccinate get any sleep!!)

Phoebe and Naomi in the courtyard

  Yesterday was the big art show at Phoebe's school. Because she is in AP art she had a huge display of her work. Naomi crawled out of bed and came in to see, because these sisters are pretty devoted to each other.

This is half of her name banner and some of her space prints.

The other half of her name banner and some of her portrait work.

Her AP art concentration (so many people wanted to buy these!)

A comic strip she made. 

Her dinosaur and some of her other work.

        Some of her sketchbooks.  She did really well. 

She sold some of her little zines and a massage therapist wants her art to decorate her office. She'll have to make some new things as all of this work she needs for the college board.

In the mean time, Mike has been posting A LOT of his art for sale on his website at and here at Big Cartel. He has some of his best work up so be sure to check it out!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

And now it's March, time for Mutant Piñatas!

I haven't posted in a couple weeks, but, man, have I been busy. After MUCH negotiation I took on a huge mask order from Paramount Pictures in Australia and then their affiliate in Los Angeles. I've been teaching A LOT (today we're going to design flying robots!!) and I'm editing pencil sketches for the children's book I've been commissioned to illustrate.

 And in my "spare" time I've been building a giant spider for the Mutant Piñata Show. Here he is shoved head first in my laundry cart so I can paint him.

His name is "Legs". He's got his base coat drying in this shot.

The cat made a deep connection with this sculpture.

He liked guarding him.

I was painting over the last couple days.

Today I brought him in to the gallery. He has to ride face down, poor thing.

We hung him right away, because all those legs make him a bit fragile.

Peering through his many legs.

The rest of the show will be up in time for the opening tomorrow night!

In the mean time Naomi has been off on her own journey to visit Chloe in Missouri at her college.
She came home yesterday afternoon and Phoebe came along with me to collect her.

         I think she had a really great time even though Chloe forced her to watch her study and brought her to her film class where she watched a movie. Everyone assumed she was a student and kept asking what her major was. :)

        Phoebe got some great news this week. She's been accepted into "City Term" with a 92% scholarship for her last semester of high school next fall (she's actually only 1 class short of graduating this semester, but has decided to take on this.) City Term is a program for high school students in NYC where they learn about the history of the city and about city planning. It's quite intensive actually. She also just nailed her interview for her Medical Illustration internship at St. Josephs hospital so she'll be doing that this summer. She's a super self motivated kid.

Anyway, happy Thursday!! And if you're in Phoenix, come down to the opening of the Mutant Piñata Show tomorrow night (between 6pm and 10pm)on Grand Ave!!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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