Thursday, April 25, 2013

Advice on turtle painting

Lately I have been attempting to more actively promote my shop on Etsy.  In an effort to see how my products are doing in targeted searches I tried a search (on the Etsy site) on sea turtles to see if I could find my painting "Beneath The Waves"

Beneath The Waves

As I scrolled through the paintings I was disappointed to see it wasn't showing up very quickly, but gradually I noticed something else that was almost alarming. First I noticed this painting...

From a store called FairySomnia. 

Then I saw a very similar one from another store called MundoMeo.  Which was surprising until I saw the same store had another turtle for sale....

Let's call him MundoMeo #2.  But that wasn't all....

Here's one from a store called ThalassaCrete, and the same turtle is here...

In the MyFishArt and it's painted on metal.

This one from  JuliaLikesFrogs is painted in acrylic with additional animals.  Where is this turtle coming from you might ask?  Well here he is, Mr Popular....

I call him #12 in the Google image search.  Anyway my advice is to get your photo reference from page 2 or later of your google image search.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pet Convention

On Saturday we decided to head over to the "Pet Expo" at the Phoenix University Stadium (mostly because we were running low on free samples of pet food that I picked up from the last festival).

We brought Oscar because the website said we could.

We went down and down and down.

It was like a lot of conventions with many booths.

Except there were also A LOT of dogs.

This was the only cat we saw walking around though.

 We did see a hairless dog sitting on her little throne.

They asked if I'd like to pet her, so I did.  It was like petting a slightly sweaty person.

There was also an agility course to watch dogs bound around.

In the back of the stadium was a dog diving demonstration.

Naomi loved watching them, but when I went close to watch I got soaked!

I learned something important though.  Apparently this famous cat, aka Grumpy Cat, is local to the area, and he's just signed a deal with Friskies cat food.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April's lineup for "Art of The Red River"

It's radio show time again....
Frank Burkhauser and his family at the SOTA craft gallery

 Our first guest will be Frank Burkhauser, owner of SOTA Spirit of the Artist, an American Craft Retail Gallery in Philadelphia. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, he followed a dream to open a business with family members and SOTA was born. He assisted curating group shows throughout his art education and worked for many galleries and museums in Philadelphia and New York. This experience combined with a love for art and all things handmade led to SOTA becoming a national award winning American Craft Gallery and an institution in Philadelphia.

"Nebuchadrezzar" by Richard Kane Ferguson

Our next guest will be artist, Richard Kane Ferguson. Richard has worked extensively in comics, gaming and film, for clients such as Marvel, Cry for Dawn and was the lead artist on Magic: The Gathering. Richard’s iconic characters have seen worldwide distribution in a number of formats, including print , video games, promotional films, packaging and a plethora of other promotional materials, from lunch boxes to coffee mugs. Some of Richard’s characters have even been featured as life-sized 3-D sculptures in Wizards of the Coast’s interactive gaming entertainment center initially launched in Seattle.
Spike the Mixed-up Monster, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Our final guest is award winning children's book writer and illustrator Melissa Sweet from beautiful, Rockport, Maine. Melissa Sweet has illustrated nearly 100 children’s books from board books to picture books and nonfiction titles. Her collages and paintings have appeared in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Madison Park Greetings, Smilebox and for eeBoo Toys. Some recent titles include: The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra, Rubia and the Three Osos by Susan Middleton Elya, Baby Bears Big Dreams by Jane Yolen, and Day is Done by Peter Yarrow.

Join us for great conversations in art. To listen in go to:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Solar Oven, the Festival of the Arts, and a random fish

Construction has begun on Phoebe's science project....

She and Mike are building a solar oven for school. I think it'll be fun to try and cook in it this summer.  I read online you can even bake bread, though we'll probably stick with cookies.

 On Sunday we went out to Tempe to visit the Festival of The Arts.  As we arrived we spotted two of "The Living Trees".

 It seems they were finished performing however.

 As they left a trail of children followed in their wake.

Then to the children's astonishment the "trees" entered the elevator.

It was a tight squeeze.

Bye trees!

On the left is the Science Diet booth.  They were giving out pet food samples.  Between the five of us we got enough samples and coupons for the dog and cat to eat for a month.  Thank you Science Diet!

Being an arts festival there was of course some fabulous art to look at.

Mike found a pretty glass squid to photograph.

This steampunk fish sculpture was pretty amazing.

They had some great sculptures at this booth.

Fortunately the girls all wore stripes which made things easier in the crowd.

Naomi took some time at the kid's station...

So many potters were at the fair, but this one really had quite a display...

 Both sides were pretty incredible....

It was a hot day but the sky was clouding up.

On Monday a hot wind began blowing. It turned into a cold dusty wind, and then it began to spit rain.  This morning it was cold again (50ºF) and everything was covered in mud, then on our walk with the dog this morning we came across something truly odd lying on the sidewalk...

This guy was huge and we're about four hours from the Sea of Cortez so I guess he came from the river.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Looking to do something stupid?

Why not spend the summer in the sweltering Sonoran Desert? That's all I can think about lately as we enter the month of April.  Chloe said the kids at her school are wanting summer to come because they'll be off, but at the same time they want this month- this perfect month of cool breezes and orange blossoms to never end. I've been asking advice from anyone who will listen on getting through the summers here.  This is what I've gathered so far....

#1.  Get a big floppy hat and WEAR IT!
#2.  Don't go out between 10am and 4pm unless it absolutely can't be avoided.
#3.  Drink lots of water until your urine is clear.  (I giggled at that one, but my neighbor was dead serious and nodded sternly.)
#4.  Become a vampire....Well that's what it will feel like doing everything before dawn and after dusk.

Anyway, I'm getting nervous.  I've done extreme cold for months and months on end but this seems more intense somehow.

I've been doing a lot of circle paintings lately....

This one's on eBay right now.

So is this one....

I've also been adding some to my Etsy Store "Painting in Circles".  Tomorrow the play Phoebe has been working very hard on with her theater group at school opens.  It's called "The Seussification of Romeo and Juliette", and we'll be attending this Friday.  She's been working in the costume department this time and has been having a blast!  Have a happy Wednesday. :)
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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