Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Bathroom Floor

I remember the day that he saved me. Mike pulled me off the cold floor of the bathroom and overcame the cultural anxiety that had been crippling him. Keeping him from talking and leaving the house. He had Spanish fatigue, hell so did I. We'd been living in Argentina for 7 months, and that day he got our neighbor to call a remis and got me to the hospital, stumbled through more Spanish and saved my life.

I'd ignored the paralyzing cramps for a few weeks. I spent a 22 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires curled in a fetal position shaking and then brushed it off. Denial is a powerful thing.

That morning was nothing special. I took the girls to the store for stickers and school supplies, then I was hit with cramps again. Stunning, and agonizing pain in the middle of a store with my three very young children. I somehow brought all three girls back to our building and hunched over in the elevator, trying not to cry and scare them more than I already had, waiting an eternity for the 7th floor. Then I stumbled into the bathroom, and just laid down. I thought I was dying, maybe I was. I heard my six year old tell Mike, "Mommy's laying on the floor in the bathroom" It seemed as though she was very, very far away. Her voice was a tiny bell.

Our neighbor watched the girls. I think. Someone did.
Also I lost the baby. Which was surreal because I didn't know I had a baby.

Weeks later I went to a parent teacher conference for Naomi. Her teacher showed me a picture Naomi had drawn months earlier, before the hospital, before the trip to Buenos Aires. It was me with a baby in my belly. My four year old knew I was pregnant.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Life Update #701

2 days ago Mike and Naomi and our friend Kraig headed off to California for the 50th San Diego Comic Con.

From what I hear, it seems like it's going well.

Here's Mike drawing at the Forbidden Futures booth. They're promoting the release of issue #5 of the magazine. Naomi is wandering around enjoying the con.

Phoebe is still at Yale learning about astrophysics. Here she is drawing her professor on the chalk board. They seem to like all of Phoebe's chalkboard drawings.

There's some talk of her designing Yale's astronomy merchandise. She says the program is really challenging and sometimes when I message her she'll respond at 10pm, which is 1am in Connecticut. She says she has very late hours in the Observatory to watch the stars.

Anyway, I'm just home on my own this week (with the pets). I'm doing Goodwill runs and trying to sell things so we have less stuff for our move to Mexico, which at this point is 6 weeks away. The clock is running down.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Off to Yale

So we started this week with 4:30am airport run! 

Phoebe was off to JFK to meet up other students from the Yale astrophysics summer program. 
Her flight was uneventful (I can't even believe I just typed that sentence. Lately it seems like 1 in 4 flights goes well!)

Anyway she caught the shuttle to New Haven and arrived safely to the Yale campus.

Which she said is beautiful and looks like Hogwarts.

Here she is with her team, hard at work on their first assignment. She also wrote this blog post on the YSPA website. 

Good luck Phoebe!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Visiting my State Representative

   On Tuesday of this week Phoebe and I went to our State Representative, Greg Stanton's office to talk with him about the conditions at the detention centers for people fleeing violence in their own countries.

 For us, living in Arizona, I feel we have a special responsibility to find out what is really going on. This is not just about child (and baby) prisons on American soil. This is about government sanctioned child abuse in our neighborhood. If you look up immigrant detention centers in Phoenix, there are at least four. 

    As you can see here a member of Rep Greg Stanton's staff did come down to address the crowd's concerns. He was probably sweating like crazy in his suit as it was 109ºF (nearly 43ºC). To be honest, though, we were all sweating like crazy! As you can also see PBS was there filming the event.

     It was a very informative and I did learn about upcoming events and groups that are trying to make change. There's a group run by immigrants called Puente fighting for human rights and another called Poder in Action  in Phoenix which has a lot going on and helps people who need legal advice to reunite their family .

In other news I shipped off a ton of masks to New York for the Noah's Arc Opera, and have managed to move on to other orders. Also I'm hauling things off to Goodwill in preparation for our big move. 

On Sunday our daughter, Phoebe will fly to Yale in Connecticut!! We are so proud of this kid 💕

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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