Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Painting the Monster

Progress on my Sea Monster sculpture has been pretty steady since we moved to the new apartment.

Painting his head

I had some panicky moments figuring out the first section, but eventually it was done...

If you recall-he's being built in three sections.

I was storing the pieces outside on our patio for a while, but some guy with a leaf blower (I think he works here) blew leaves all over them and I had to clean them off.

Anyway in the last 2 days I finished painting the center section, so I put the first 2 pieces together for a photo op.

I was standing on a chair but it was still hard to capture a photo of both pieces. So Mike grabbed the step stool for me...

Ok... I'm trying but it's hard to take photos like this.  So I got off the step stool.

So here he is from the ground. Once the tail is done he'll be 12 feet long! Unfortunately the last section was damaged in the move, so I spent last night repairing the tail and making it sturdier. Today I'll start painting!

In the mean time the move has distracted me from getting my kids ready for Halloween, so I'm running in circles doing that today. :)  Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Moving house...

The last 2 weeks we've been moving, and we're still moving. Boy am I sick of it.  How on earth did we acquire so much crap?!! I thought we'd trimmed down our possessions . After all we've moved out of the country, and across the country and where did we get all this stuff!  I'm throwing things out.  I'm "accidentally" breaking things.... And still there are more things.

A few days ago I dropped my daughter off at a sleepover.  I glanced around their huge beautiful house and all I could see were their things.  Their photos and books and lovely artworks on the walls and I wanted to run screaming.  How could they be so foolish as to acquire so many things!! Don't they know that someday they may have to move!!  Ok, I may be losing it.

In other news I've been selected to be a featured artist by the Central Gallery at the Phoenix Central library downtown!! I'm super excited, but a bit concerned as I have only one of 12 sculptures made (I submitted sketches).  This is the one...
Book Worm on a Paper Tree

Still it will be my first solo show in quite a while so I'm super excited!!
Also now that my new studio space is set up I'm back to work on the Sea Monster for the Grand Avenue Festival.  Here's a couple of photos...

As you can see I've started detailing the first section. This is still in progress though and once I find my camera cord (lost it moving) I can upload better photos!  

Today I'm going to teach some 2 year olds about Mondrian, a long dead Dutch artist.  Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

¡Hasta luego México!

Like all good things our time in Mexico came to an end.  We did visit Old Port an few more times.

This is a man riding a shrimp, in case you can't tell.

And we had many more adventures...  Mike and I went swimming at dusk when flock after flock of pelicans dipped and swooped in the water fishing all around us.  The girls found a sea lion while walking on the beach with Ethan and took a bunch of selfies with it (which I don't have, and yes, I'm upset they went so close to it!). One morning while walking Oscar on the beach we watched dolphins jumping in the surf. DOLPHINS!!

And what's the point of leaving the country if you don't have any moments of culture shock.  I purchased this beverage thinking it was sparkling water with a twist of orange.  Unfortunately it also had a bunch of salt in it.  Mike sipped it and started gagging, so I ran over and sipped some and started gagging, then Naomi ran over to see what the fuss was and sipped it, and well, you get the idea.  This stuff was nasty!!

We also ate out at a local restaurant that was very eager to please visiting Americans by reducing the spice so much in their food that it was rather bland.  Then they hovered nearby asking us over and over if we liked it (a little awkward).

Anyway we finally left town.  This was our last goodbye to "Super Ley"(the super market with very little real coffee and a lot of salty beverages).

An hour later we reached the border.

Customs going back was the same.  They glanced at our passports and the dog's health certificate and waved us through (just be sure to remember your passport, they'll let you in to Mexico without one, but US customs will delay you for a long time before they let you back in).

Then we were back in the desert and headed to Phoenix.

Eventually we were home again and our cat, Isabella was quite glad to see us.

Nos vemos Puertos Peñasco!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Sunset Cruise

On Friday night we took a dinner cruise out on the Sea of Cortez.  We'd really, really hoped to book the pirate cruise, but it just wasn't sailing this week.  The storm disrupted life here quite a bit (it only rains here maybe, once a year!).

So we rushed down to the marina, and discovered we had quite a long wait ahead of us.

Here's everyone (except me), waiting for the boat to arrive.

This is a pelican in the harbor, he was waiting for something else.

The harbor from the deck of the boat.  At first we were going to go on one boat, then they moved us to "The Intrepid", a much bigger boat with actual restrooms (thank goodness!).

Once on board Mike and Naomi went to check out the free drinks.

Chloe with her book and her ice tea.

This is our lame attempt at a selfie.

Naomi from above.

This one's an eye test. There are about 20 pelicans in this photo. How many can you see?

Phoebe on the lower deck enjoying the Mexican Rasta band (behind her).

Me on the upper deck as we're leaving the harbor.

I think this is Sandy Beach where the resorts are.  Some of these building seemed to be abandoned though.

Enjoying the scenery.

Phoebe, Naomi and I on the upper deck. The girls got a little cranky, because the waiters kept offering them beer and margaritas.  Phoebe would say, "I'm only 13." 
"Margarita then?"  
Then she would storm off.  There were other kids on board, but my kids are tall and look older than they are I guess.

The old port

Pelicans flying over the water.

Mike was standing next to the captain at the wheel when he took this photo of the women hanging their feet over the bow.  Then the captain called out "Pretty Ladies! I see a big shark in these waters today. Don't stick your feet in the water here!"

The sun setting over the water.

Unfortunately there weren't a lot of clouds.

This tower made it more interesting though.

On board, as we returned, we had our dinner and listened to many Bob Marley songs in Spanish and English. It was nice to get out on the water for a few hours.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Tropical Storm and an Abandoned Mexican Resort

The rain came down hard all night here in Puerto Peñasco.  Tropical storm Simon was passing through and we woke up to puddles in the kitchen and entryway.  One of the doors and two of the windows couldn't hold out the sideways rain. We also woke up to this in our driveway....

Fortunately we parked in the back. Or maybe it was unfortunately since something cracked our windshield (not that big a crack but it's there).

Anyway we were feeling like we needed to get some supplies so we decided to brave the "mud" road.

The mud and puddles were pretty deep, but we hit the "snow" button in the car and plowed on through.

We hoped we'd make it to the Super Ley, but the streets were so flooded we decided to stop at the Circle K.

After collecting some supplies, we headed over to get pizza across the street.

We had to wait for quite a while since they were heating their ovens so we took a walk in the park with the giant shrimp...

We also took some photos of the flooded cuerpo de bomberos or (fire station)....

Eventually, though,  we careened home through the mud with this surprisingly  good pizza!

Anyway Chloe's school friend, Ethan is also in Mexico this week for fall break.  His parents happen to own a house up the road.  He comes here several times a month.  He agreed to take us out to an abandoned resort that's turned into a ruin near his house.

Here's Chloe and Ethan near the entrance gate.

From inside you can see how the sand is reclaiming it.

Here we are walking near the sand covered wall.

Naomi running over to the first building.

 This inside the first building. 

This is the view from the balcony. The blue dome is another building in the resort.

Chloe and Phoebe hang out the window

As you can see this building was still under construction.  Apparently the company building this place just ran out of funding halfway through the build back in the 80's.  Now it sits on the beach as a shell of what it almost became.

Ethan and Chloe and Naomi are on the wooden steps.

The view from the downstairs.

Oscar and I in the downstairs.

The first building from the back.

Then we headed down the drive to the second building.  Here's Phoebe by the pool. It's a pretty big compound, you can see the other building in the far back.

This building seemed to be a bath house perhaps.  This is Naomi near what was to be the pool and the spa.

This is inside the second building.

There are a lot of pools around it.

Ethan and Phoebe walking towards the next building.

This was to be a bar mere steps from the beach.  From the beer bottles everywhere it seems that some people went ahead and brought their own.

We climbed up onto the roof of the domed building.

The view was pretty awesome.

Mike and I on the roof.

Naomi on the kitchen roof poking one of the oven vents.

The last building was to be a honeymoon suite.  Here's Mike taking a look inside.

The kitchen.

The very nice looking jacuzzi bath they set up.

The hot tub outside.  There was a dead lizard belly up in here that Naomi was looking at.

If anyone had ever used this hot tub they would have had an amazing view!

There was also a very pretty mosaic next to it.

Inside the honeymoon suite was another mural. This place really interesting but pretty sad.  So much work went into it and ultimately it was all for nothing. Apparently this is Ethan's favorite activity, though,  finding abandoned places and exploring. 

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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