A weekend break in San Carlos

Today we are in San Carlos, Sonora by the beach on the Sea of Cortez. The speck on the right in the water is Naomi.

     Here's Oscar in the grass by the beach. He's loving this place! His foot seems much better now.

     We stopped off at a vet on our way out of Hermosillo. Our Airbnb host, Ana, sent us to one around the corner and he was great. They brought Oscar straight in for an exam and gave him a shot for pain (which was pretty bad because he chewed his nail off overnight) and antibiotics. Then they gave us pills and prescribed an antiseptic spray. All in all it cost $540 pesos (which is $26.85 ).  Compared to the last visit to the vet in the states which cost $400, this vet bill is my new favorite thing!

After arriving in San Carlos we decided we had to go out for lunch. We stopped in at Chihuahua's restaurant for fish tacos (well, I had fish and chips, but I should have stuck with Mexican food, the tacos were better!)

This is the view yesterday evening from our Airbnb.

The cottage we're staying in is older, but very charming ,and is owned by a man in New Mexico. The humidity is pretty high here and there's starting to be more mosquitos.

However this is still a desert and cacti are everywhere, and so are Arizonans (mostly from Tucson) for that matter. I imagine that will change as we get further south.

   Last night at dusk we decided to to take a walk and find the beach. It was a poorly conceived plan. It turned into a hot and buggy walk in the dark on a dirt road. We had no idea how to get past all the walls to the sea. Very frustrating to say the least.

Oscar on the walking path to the beach

Early this morning we simply came upon it while walking the dog. It was literally around the corner. We rushed back and got Naomi, who came along and went straight into the water!

     Anyway we're taking a desperately needed driving/moving break today and will be back to driving tomorrow. We have to sooth our aching bones as Mike and I handled the move on our own this time (we didn't hire any help).

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend to our friends in the States! 


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