YES! Another 12-12-12 post!

This is me jumping on the bandwagon. Following the crowd.  It's three 12's all in a row and it's for the last time in my life (unless reincarnation is a thing).  Okay I'm over it now.

Things have been pretty good this week so far.  The Metropolitan Art Institute (the school Chloe applied to for next year) contacted me and said they are processing her application, asked a few questions and said they'd be in touch soon.

The great news is, I was hired as a teaching artist over at The Phoenix Center for the Arts.  I'm doing outreach programs starting in January at a charter school downtown (YAY ME!).  I spent about three weeks researching different places to send my resume and gathered portfolio samples to send off. Then carefully packaged and mailed them.  When I came home on Tuesday and told Mike I got the job he poked around on his resume for about fifteen minutes and then posted on Facebook to say he was interested in teaching art at the college level.  So now he has an interview at one University and a contact looking into another university.  I guess I do everything the hard way.

Three weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving we started having trouble with our hot water.  In that it was lukewarm.  Which meant sucky showers every day, and not the greatest water for washing dishes.  After banding together with the neighbors to complain and console, they put in a new water pump.  The water got colder and now we had an annoying and constant hum that sounded like a lousy didgeridoo player droning away.  Then last night the most amazing thing happened... THEY FIXED IT!!!  We just had the best showers ever!

Now for your amusement, this is a photo of Phoebe I found  on my computer this morning.....


The picture is awesome!

And that's so great about the application & the job!
Thanks Kate! Phoebe's a wacky kiddo. :)

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