Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Naomi's Day!

Today Naomi is a whopping eight years old!

Here she is at her birthday party.  We had it last Saturday at "Boomers" (on the weekend just so we could be sure kids would show up, unfortunately that's an issue here in California.)

As you can see Naomi had a great turnout though!

A mediocre picture of me chatting with some of the moms.

Present time!

It was an epic party, they rode rides, played arcade games, and (attempted) mini golf till dusk! 

I wrote another article for The Examiner recently called "Creative Education in The Spanish Village"
If you do read it let me just say now, yes, I wrote an article interviewing my own daughter about her summer camp, but hey, it was a really great summer camp!

I've also begun work on sets for Looking Glass Theatre's production of "Nunsense". These are my sketches so far...

A rough  drawing of the stage. (This has already been changed by the director.)

A drawing of the juke box. (I thought we'd have to build one, but it looks like we might rent it -Phew!)

...And this "Grease" sign is what I'm building/painting this week.  I know what you're thinking-Didn't you say you were doing a play called "Nunsense"??  Yes, but it uses the sets for Grease- it's in the script! To learn more you'll just have to come see it!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Art of The Red River... Today! Come join us.

 This month our guests include, Ashley Wolff, an author/illustrator of more than 60 books including, Doctor Bird Three Lookin' up Tales from Jamaica by Gerald Mausman,The Miss Bindergarten series by Joseph Slate, and Mama's Milk by Michael Ross.
She likes to illustrate in many different mediums and styles and am currently working in collage. She just finished a book called Compost Stew by Mary Siddals. She uses a lot of found material and papers in her collages. Her website is

Jordan-Alexander Thomas is a Phoenix based artist who's been building robots for several years now. Each robot is created from wooden blocks, found and recycled items and carefully hand painted. Mostly he centers on steam power pseudo-Victorian era styled robots and he's also been working on a collection of historical ray guns from the future. His work is carried in stores at "The Red Hot Robot" (6042 N. 16th St.,Phoenix, AZ), "Evermore Nevermore" (127 W. Main St.,Mesa, AZ), and the "Made Art Boutique" (922 N. 5th St. - Phoenix, AZ). Take a look at his amazing robots here!

And closing the show is Anthony Watkins. A Las Vegas, Nevada based sculptor Anthony has a strong passion for art, but discovered that his artistic outlet was best expressed with 3 D modeling.
He is (and always has been) a huge fan of comic books and fantasy and his desire to create and recreate some of his favorite characters is what drove him to begin sculpting.
Along with working as a freelance sculptor, he decided to begin designing his own characters based on fantasy, legend and myth. His webpage on deviant art is

This should be an exciting show, and hopefully very little will go wrong (GAHHH! Something always does... It's live!)
Be sure to join us!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laser Tag and Chess Camp

Naomi spent last week at chess camp.  I was very surprised she chose chess camp as she's quite a bad loser whenever we play games at home. It turns out a "chess guy" came to her class last year and made chess lots of fun so she was adamant about it.

Naomi with her trophy

I'm glad she was so determined, because she had a great time, won sixth place and wants to go back next year! I think her Uncle Ralph will be proud (he's a chess master).

Last week my comic "The Horribles" became available on amazon.  This means you can now subscribe to my web-comic for your kindle and each week's update  will automatically be there.  You can even read it when you're not connected to the internet!!

For Chloe's big 13th birthday we went to UltraZone last Friday.  Yes, a laser tag birthday with a bunch of teenagers!!

Here's the girls in the party room.

The table with presents, balloons and armor and a laser gun!

The girls are suiting up here to go into the multi-level arena with fog, flashing lights and an alien.  They are supposed to take the other teams' bases and defend their own!  It's like being inside an action movie.

Chloe with the cake.

Make a wish!!

It's birthday season here at the Dubisch house and Saturday is Naomi's big party day!
So..... More party pictures coming soon. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

As if turning forty wasn't bad enough....

How does this happen? One minute I'm the exhausted parent of a newborn baby...

... And today, I have a teenager!!

I wish I was awesome enough to make a cake like this!

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Midnight Run

I saw another one as I drove Phoebe to her art camp in the Spanish village two days ago. A white balding man late in middle age, wearing only trousers and a hospital gown. No shoes. He had that wild look in his eye, a little bit panicked and about a block from Scripps hospital. He was in the meridian of the road, and waiting to cross.

We see the hospital escapees a lot as we're often driving through the downtown area with all the hospitals. Once I saw a woman shuffling along around 10pm at night (I'd been working late on sets for "Seussical") She was obviously shuffling as fast as she could away from UCSD Medical Center, same panicked look. All she wore was her gown and some slippers and was pushing her IV stand along the pavement. Another day we spotted a man on Washington St, several blocks from the hospital. He was also in a gown with some pants on. No shoes but tubes and wires streamed behind him as he wandered up the street. Early morning and late at night are usually the best times for a sighting, so with Phoebe's art camp in full swing this week  I'm sure I'll get to see my fair share of runners!

Friday night Mike is taking our two youngest kids to "Night at The Museum"-no, not the movie, the event!  The San Diego Air and Space museum is having a special sleep over event.  They take a flashlight tour of the place, watch a space movie and sleep either next to a fighter plane or on "the moon base"!!

I have a new article published from The Examiner.  It's called "Visions of the Past" and features some amazing murals by William Stout (great artist, great guy!).  Also I'm going to be working on sets soon for the Looking Glass Theatre's fall show "Nunsense"!  This is a very zany show and the sets are actually the ones from "Grease" (hard to explain but it's in the script). Anyway that's across the street from UCSD Medical Center, maybe I'll get the nerve to ask one of these runaways why? What's going on in these hospitals around here?

Monday, August 1, 2011

The War against Shade

This is the front lines...

In San Diego's "War against shade of  ANY KIND!"

As a state, California guarantees sunshine to all it's citizens...

As you can see some shade is still being cast on the pavement by this "tree".

We can do better!!

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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