Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mysterious wounds

Mike and I noticed today that we have matching scratches on our legs, and neither of us remember getting them. I immediately began to imagine disturbing scenarios involving bug eyed aliens with strange medical instruments or vengeful poltergeists from under the bed. While Mike began to study the boxes of books stacked near the door to our bedroom looking for a protruding object that may have caused us damage. Men are so logical. I still say my alien theory holds water, though, there was obviously a memory wipe involved.

 Now for your enjoyment, here's a video of Phoebe's impression of aliens landing. (Maybe that's what it is-I found it on my computer today and couldn't stop laughing!)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Day and The port of San Diego

Last weekend was the "Earth Fair" in Balboa Park.
 Not all of us thought ahead on our outfit-He must have started growing his grass skirt a month ago!

There was some great music by the didgeridoo tent!

The girls picked up some fancy, fruity drinks...

Flower pots were installed on the trash cans to encourage people to use this....

The "Zero Waste Stations".... Which lessens the impact of having an Earth Day event. :)

This week was still Spring Break for my two younger daughters so we went down to the boardwalk on the bay.  I also needed photos to go with my article on the  "Urban Trees" exhibit for the Examiner.  We visited this public art exhibit a couple years ago and I wrote about it here, but the sculptures change each year.

Some of these "new" ones were really impressive!

I think we were all partial to the sea dragon!

He was extra cool!
Of course ALL the "Urban Trees" are worth a visit.

There's more than just art to see on a walk along the pier  downtown.  The giant aircraft carrier is quite a site! 

Not that you could miss it.

There's also street performers...

sunbathing sea lions....

Other less interesting animals.

And some benches decorated by children.  Anyway my article, "Art on The Bay" has been published here. You should read it! Also I've been posting a lot of mandalas on my Art Blog lately, take a look!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Drawing bugs and then back on the radio

Tonight is another performance of "Once Upon A Mattress", but I'll miss most of it, because today I'm teaching my art class. We're learning to draw insects like the butterfly, the beetle and man's greatest enemy... The mosquito!!

He looks so innocent! Apparently though they are responsible for the deaths of half of all humans since the Stone Age.

I'm gearing up for our next radio show on Monday.  We have internationally recognized comic artist...
...Alex Robinson joining us from New York!

Then there's the incredible painter and illustrator from San Francisco...

... Steven Russell Black!

And children's book author and editor....
April Jones Prince from Massachusetts!

In other news my cat is very upset with me.  Late yesterday I freed her hostage against her better judgement  I suppose.  It was a very colorful lizard the size of my forearm.... Yes! You read that right. GIGANTIC! He was off like a shot when I released him, and in her feline mind she's convinced he's lurking in the bushes plotting his revenge....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Answering questions online and the opening weekend!

So for a little variety I decided to try one of these blog prompts I see on different sites. Anyway I'd say it had mixed results. Not so bad that I won't post it here, but not so great that I'll keep doing it....

mindbump suggested by Bandpox

"If you could travel through time to an era from before you were born, what single event would you most like to attend?"
Of course the problem is that attending historical events while saying you were there would be amazing, it could also be quite dangerous. Historic events are often married to tragedy, and war. Even ones that aren't have an incredible sadness to them.  Like if I were to say the launching of  The Titanic for example. While I wouldn't be in any immediate danger, could I simply sit near a pier waving at all the cheering, excited but doomed people on board, while they sail off to their destiny?    Would I want to be there the day they chopped off Marie Antoinette's head?  The only historical event that I can think of would be when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.  Perhaps if I could stowaway on board and watch Neil Armstrong's first incredible steps.... Yes! I thought of one!!

The girls had their opening night in "Once Upon A Mattress". Unfortunately it was cold and raining (nothing terrifies the locals more in San Diego) so it wasn't all that crowded, and minutes before the show
Naomi burned her hand on a curling iron, but she was a trooper.

Saturday night though, was packed and they had to open extra sections! The crowd was great and laughed in all the right places....

All three of the girls posed for photos after the show (They are playing " Ladies in Waiting"- Chloe is also "Emily" )

Fabulous costumes by our costume designer, Pam Raney!

Naomi by the concession stand! She's so excited.  The kids love performing. The best part is they get to do it again next weekend!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dress rehearsal and passport pics

Last night was the first real dress rehearsal for "Once Upon A Mattress". It was great to sit and watch the show this time.

The set looked good and while it doesn't look so great in this picture, the screen titles worked really well throughout the show (with the exception of some technical glitches).

This scene is in Winnifred's dressing room.

 Here you can see the finished bed onstage with the queen (who is a fabulous actress!).

Here's a slightly blurry shot of her with the wizard.

This is Phoebe (in red) and Naomi onstage during the "Swamps of Home" scene.

And here's Chloe in one of two costumes she wears during the show. Tonight is the invited dress rehearsal, which means there's an audience for the first time.... Wish them luck!

I recently realized that the kids passports are expiring in June.  I can't believe it's already been five years since this post!  Anyway, our family got passports back in the days that you could cross the border with just a birth certificate.  If I just let them run out then we can't wander down to Mexico on a whim anymore, so instead of the expensive passport books I'm going with the passport cards for the kids.  I just got their pictures done today....

(For security reasons they're distorted and small )

These came out better than the last ones though.  Probably because I told them to ignore the rules and smile anyway!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun with Mandalas

I've been drawing mandalas lately.  Just to try it.  I read that it's a form of meditation.
This was my first attempt in my sketchbook.  I drew it mostly while sitting in church and since it attracted a lot of "likes" on my facebook page I decided to try again.

This one attracted a lot of attention as well.  In fact one of my FB friends who prints t-shirts has posed an interest.

So here is mandala number three.  I think they're getting better, but it's much more like the hard work of sorting out an illustration.  I think I'll be teaching a lesson on them in my next class. A new session starts on Friday.

Also on Friday is opening night of the play, "Once Upon A Mattress". I spent last week painting mattresses.

This is in progress on the side and below is from the front. 

Tonight is another dress rehearsal.  I'll be getting some good pictures to share soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visiting the cottages

Last Sunday Chloe's friend brought her out to Sea World for the day (note to self get some rich friends to take me places).  Phoebe was invited to a birthday party for a boy who has a crazy sense of humor, and since the party was on April Fools day, she insisted on arriving very early to avoid being "pranked".  So it was just down to Mike, Naomi and me, so what to do?

There's always something to do in Balboa Park... So off we went (no we did not take old timey bicycles there- this guy was there already).  What we did do was visit the International cottages open house.

Here's Naomi lurking around Puerto Rico's house.

There was a beautiful Persian painting inside Iran's cottage.

Each house has information about the country, art and food to sample.

I loved the potato soup and the step dancers in Ireland. Though I was quite sure they were going to stamp on my feet.

In the Ukraine house there was an artist demonstrating their egg decorating technique.

Inside China house was a giant puppet.

Naomi had her name written in Mandarin.

The little tin men in Spain were fantastic.  We love visiting the cottages, talking with people and trying food from around the world.

This week I repainted the bird cage for the play (Once Upon A Mattress).
Like I have time to do everything two or three times.... GAHHH!  Anyway it looks better to me now. Today I'm painting the mattresses. Wish me luck!
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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