Monday, May 31, 2010

The Phoenix Fairy and a roach invasion

We are in Phoenix, staying in my Dad's place, while we attend the Phoenix comic con. We're also making sure the condo here is in good shape, which it is, aside from some weeds and some scary, big roaches (not the scariest I've seen though, they live in NYC above a Chinese food restaurant). These guys are cowards, we've chased them out already...

Unfortunately we are still in the middle of the Small Press Idol competition and we have severely limited internet access, (meaning we're swiping spotty signals from the neighbors.).
Hopefully we will find somewhere legit to go today...I've already tried a Starbucks. They made me buy a Starbucks card to use their internet, and a sparkling water to activate it, and then, because they're incredibly lame, I still couldn't get online and I hate them. So even though you haven't seen me pestering you on Facebook, I hope you've remembered to vote!

Yesterday my 11yr old daughter had one of her molars fall out. She seemed excited about it and wandered off holding it. Three hours later she lost it, and this is our basic conversation...
"Mom, I lost my tooth!"
"You did? Oh no! I'm sure the Phoenix Tooth Fairy will find it!"
This is the part where she rolled on the floor laughing and gasping for breath.
"Ok,so you don't believe in the tooth fairy. I know I stink at this, you can stop laughing, now " I said turning bight red, like I do when I'm embarrassed, hot, cold, happy, sad or drunk. "How about I give you a dollar now and you pretend to your sisters that the Phoenix fairy is awesome?"
At this she managed to catch her breath and grin. "Ok, Mom!"
And then I paid her off.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surfing Dogs!

By this I mean dogs surfing in the ocean... on waves. Not so much on the internet (which I'd also like to see!).
With the Small Press Idol contest in full swing, we felt we needing to get away from checking how many votes our project The People That Melt in the Rain has on a minute to minute basis!

So, yes, here in San Diego, today we went to the annual "Surf Dog Competition" at Imperial Beach. My kids love dogs and the beach so it seemed like a good plan.
As we drove down to the contest, my kids it seems were expecting something like this....

While I was pretty sure that particular dog wouldn't be there, I myself didn't know what to expect. When we got to the beach we found this great statue of a surfer.

It was full of fanciful creatures!

Here's Phoebe clowning around.

But, now we were ready to hit the beach!

Phoebe took a moment to meet some contestants.

Naomi headed straight for the water, got caught in a wave then wiped out by the dogs... Here she is right after. I think she may be on the news tonight. :)

After getting drenched she decided to check out the dogs.

Here we have two contestants being brought to their boards.

And their owners are gearing them up to surf... They did do it! ( We didn't get the shot though)

Here is another dog starting off...

Go surf dog!!

This guy needed some help.

Most dogs are so loyal and eager to please they'll put up with whatever crazy plan their owners have for the day. All of these pups really loved being in the crowd on the beach, but not so much loving the standing, drenched and shivering on a surf board thing.

Oh well! Only in Southern California!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My failure as a tooth fairy

Well, it's happened again. Naomi lost a tooth and carefully put it in an envelope under her pillow, and then, I promptly forgot about it. I'm the master of excuses for that slacker of tooth fairy...

"San Diego is a big city, and she can't get to everyone in one night!"

We'd long ago established that the Tooth Fairy is a local job (not like Santa who pulls off a world wide break-in in a single evening!). In Argentina, it was that tiny scamp, The Tooth Mouse...

"Oh he's just a little mouse, give it another try!"

Last night I took Naomi's tooth from the envelope and placed a dollar inside. The poor kid forgot to check, so I made her bed this morning around the little envelope and left it under her pillow. Hopefully she'll find it before the new tooth grows in!

We've entered into Round #3 in Small Press Idol! This is the first of our 4 page entry of "The People That Melt in The Rain"...

Please come and take a look at our comic and give us your vote! If you do, I'll vote for you if you're ever in an online contest that you tell me about.... Cheers!

P.S.Vote Here!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Same giant planet-Great new look!

Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet.-from Jack Handy's "Deep Thoughts"

I once read that our solar system was supposed to be a binary one with two suns (which is apparently more common), but Jupiter punked out. It's like it decided to be the biggest, hugest planet around, instead of a second class star.

Anyway in the last few weeks they've discovered Jupiter's bands have changed...

Apparently it has to do with changing weather patterns, though that giant "size of the planet earth" storm is still where it's always been. I really don't get it. Here on earth the weather shifts constantly and storms don't stay in one spot on the planet like a giant pimple... It's just weird! little life has been rolling along. We're almost ready to send our Round#3 entry into Small Press Idol and the voting madness starts next week! We're also forming a team to enter the US Open Sandcastle Competition at Imperial Beach for next August.... Should be great fun and the plan is to WIN! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Magical Circle

Today was my birthday and Mother's Day, so of course it was time for another outing. We went up to Escondido to see "Queen Califia's Magical Circle", a sculpture installation by French artist Niki De Saint Phalle. She has other work we've seen in Balboa Park so I thought this would be fun.
It was better than I'd even imagined- like entering another fantastic world!
I have so many photo's it's almost overwhelming!

This giant brown snake, is in Kit Carson Park near the sculpture garden.

Then we entered the maze.

Phoebe and Naomi ran ahead!

This is a fabulous picture of me... blinking!

As we exit the maze there was a courtyard with a giant bird creature in the center. Underneath was the egg!

Entering the "Room" under the bird was remarkable.

This is the ceiling... Like a glittering night sky!

The totems around the courtyard were amazing and each so unique!

I liked this one with the funny face!

The girls played...

... Ran around.

... and then laid down!

An amazing day and a great birthday! Now for some cake. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Breaking News... Money makes people happy!

As you can tell (or maybe you can't, I don't know) I've changed my blog's design. It's been a year this month since we've moved to California, so it seemed like an occasion. Also I was quite tired of seeing the same blog design on other people's sites (I was using a standard template supplied by Blogger). Any feedback on the new look would be great!

I've been doing some work on the film lately (I'm designing images to visualize an Old Radio Show for a film called "Unseen Horrors).
This is the first real image of "The Professor" from Final Resting Place. Working on this film is a great break from my other projects, but I have so-o much more to do!

There's a new study published about how happy people are when they have a stack of money to count. They gave one group of people slips of paper to count and another group stacks of bills... The folks with the cash were more careful and quite a bit happier. Why are these studies so full of very obvious conclusions? How much money did they spend on this? Why aren't these people giving me stacks of money to count? So many questions...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Round #2 finally ends! Phew!

Well, Round #2 of "Small Press Idol" is finally over (or as we've been calling it the irritation campaign!). I'd like to thanks our friends, family and readers who've helped us by voting the last few weeks!!
They haven't posted the final standings yet, but yesterday we were in fourth place. I guess we'll see. In the end though only 5 projects will get cut from this round, and we're busy preparing our 4 pages of "The People That Melt in the Rain" for our Round #3 entry (only four projects out of 30 will make it through that round!).

My new book "The Horribles" is now available through! I'm really excited that it's finally up. I need some reviews though, so if you've been reading the comic online or bought a copy of the book it'd be great if you could voice your opinion! :)

The Horribles on Amazon

This Sunday is my birthday, so I should have some good family pictures up after that. In the meantime... ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance”-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)


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