The Journey Back

We had planned a longer stay, but found ourselves back on the road after 3 weeks on the lake.  We loaded the new larger (much larger)  trailer on Saturday and drove away from Maine that night towards Boston. Sunday morning was my turn to drive into Boston… Have I mentioned I hate driving?  Driving in Massachusetts is a miserable task as it seems they just issue driver's licenses to anyone who asks for one without bothering to check if they know how to drive first.  Anyway my first drive with the supersized trailer was into Logan International airport to drop off the girls for their first solo flight to San Diego to stay with Nana and Grandpa( we decided to spare them the journey back across).
The "bigger" trailer

I was anxious, I admit, I couldn't help it.  MY KIDS WERE FLYING ALONE!! ACK!  But it went great.  They had VIP treatment all the way.  We had to pay an extra $100 for unaccompanied minors, but on the way they got free food on the plane, and a special waiting room in Atlanta as they waited for their connection. The room offered a huge buffet with lots of candy and video games, and needless to say the girls had a blast.

From Boston we cruised over to Greenville, NewYork and emptied our long standing storage space from when we moved to Argentina.  So much artwork stored in those walls has now joined us on our journey back (I'll be sharing some soon!).  After 2 days of back breaking labor Mike and I stopped in on a friend for lunch and then drove down to New Jersey to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve.

 Traveling on the east coast  is expensive to say the least.  As we pulled off the turnpike in Jersey I leaned out the window at the toll booth to hand the man a twenty.  He grunted and shouted $29.00! I sat with my mouth hanging open in shock as Mike cleaned out his wallet and handed me more money.  The man then barked out a laugh and shouted "Welcome to New Jersey!!"

From here my Uncle helped me map the cheapest and flattest route west, as our trailer was heavier and bigger than when we came East. We headed south avoiding the toll roads into Delaware and Maryland.
Me in West Virginia
A farmhouse in West Virginia

 In Tennessee, Mike tried to order a sandwich at  the Subway from a girl who's name tag said "Angel".  For some reason she had trouble with our accents and didn't seem to understand him so well. It was like an Argentina moment (except we were all English speakers).

In Arkansas we drove across the flattest but most beautiful region I've seen.  Then as the sun set the most incredible lightening storm lit up the sky.  It was beautiful and terrifying and something I hope to never forget. Though it will make  every fireworks show I ever see a bit disappointing.

As I write this we are drifting across Oklahoma.  I saw my first wild armadillo on the side of the road.  Unfortunately he'd been killed by a car, but maybe we'll see a live one.  Today I feel good though!   We're in the west, and it's back to fish tacos, Indian casinos, and the relentless and searing sun!!!


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