Cats on the roof and the moon mural

This past week I've been commissioned to work with local artist Bryan Relyea on a mural project. It's for a Mexican restaurant in Naples.  The image is of a Mexican dude riding a rocket to the moon playing a guitar and singing.... Did you catch that?

The moon design
We laid on the design using a ponce tool (a pokey wheel) that traced the image and used powdered charcoal to transfer it.  It worked in the messiest possible way. :)

The moon
Bryan hanging the canvas
Once I had the circle and the design down we hung it up.

This is two thirds of the way done painting the moon.

 It's getting there.

When I finished that day.  as you can see there's a seam down her face.  I had to paint an overlap so it looks a bit off in the photos.  Anyway tomorrow it's the Mexican dude.

This is a picture of one of the cats.  They live all over the roof.... Cutest infestation EVER!!


Anonymous said…
It may be cute to see cats on your roof, but the reality is that you’ll have problems with their droppings in the future. There’s a chance that those droppings will clog the gutters. And don’t forget about those nasty hairballs!

Tristan German
Ah-sorry for the confusion. The cats infest the roof of a studio I was working at, not MY roof. The owner of the building does humanely trap them and drops them off at a rescue whenever he can.

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