More Moments From The Road....

Some of the places we passed on the drive had the most interesting names:
Demonbruen, Tennessee
Grossclose, Virginia
Bucksnort, Tennessee
Toad Suck Park, Arkansas
Roman Nose State Park, Oklahoma
Mike in Arkansas
Stopping at a gas station in Oklahoma the woman behind the counter said to some patrons eating lunch "Looks like that storm's coming."
I turned and asked the young man taking my credit card for my gas.  "Don't you get tornados around here?"
"So what do you do if you're on the road?"
"Drive into the deepest ditch and try not to die."
"Oh…. OK."
Then he laughed.

Roadside Dino
 This is a bizarre pit stop in the northern part of the desert, either New Mexico or Arizona. In case you can't tell from my amazing photo this T-Rex has a female mannequin in his mouth.

In fact they had A LOT of crazy crap everywhere...

...Including a large number of biting ostriches.

Welcome to the desert.


I love your pic's that is a really neat idea to do.

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