The Sunset Cruise

On Friday night we took a dinner cruise out on the Sea of Cortez.  We'd really, really hoped to book the pirate cruise, but it just wasn't sailing this week.  The storm disrupted life here quite a bit (it only rains here maybe, once a year!).

So we rushed down to the marina, and discovered we had quite a long wait ahead of us.

Here's everyone (except me), waiting for the boat to arrive.

This is a pelican in the harbor, he was waiting for something else.

The harbor from the deck of the boat.  At first we were going to go on one boat, then they moved us to "The Intrepid", a much bigger boat with actual restrooms (thank goodness!).

Once on board Mike and Naomi went to check out the free drinks.

Chloe with her book and her ice tea.

This is our lame attempt at a selfie.

Naomi from above.

This one's an eye test. There are about 20 pelicans in this photo. How many can you see?

Phoebe on the lower deck enjoying the Mexican Rasta band (behind her).

Me on the upper deck as we're leaving the harbor.

I think this is Sandy Beach where the resorts are.  Some of these building seemed to be abandoned though.

Enjoying the scenery.

Phoebe, Naomi and I on the upper deck. The girls got a little cranky, because the waiters kept offering them beer and margaritas.  Phoebe would say, "I'm only 13." 
"Margarita then?"  
Then she would storm off.  There were other kids on board, but my kids are tall and look older than they are I guess.

The old port

Pelicans flying over the water.

Mike was standing next to the captain at the wheel when he took this photo of the women hanging their feet over the bow.  Then the captain called out "Pretty Ladies! I see a big shark in these waters today. Don't stick your feet in the water here!"

The sun setting over the water.

Unfortunately there weren't a lot of clouds.

This tower made it more interesting though.

On board, as we returned, we had our dinner and listened to many Bob Marley songs in Spanish and English. It was nice to get out on the water for a few hours.


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