Moving house...

The last 2 weeks we've been moving, and we're still moving. Boy am I sick of it.  How on earth did we acquire so much crap?!! I thought we'd trimmed down our possessions . After all we've moved out of the country, and across the country and where did we get all this stuff!  I'm throwing things out.  I'm "accidentally" breaking things.... And still there are more things.

A few days ago I dropped my daughter off at a sleepover.  I glanced around their huge beautiful house and all I could see were their things.  Their photos and books and lovely artworks on the walls and I wanted to run screaming.  How could they be so foolish as to acquire so many things!! Don't they know that someday they may have to move!!  Ok, I may be losing it.

In other news I've been selected to be a featured artist by the Central Gallery at the Phoenix Central library downtown!! I'm super excited, but a bit concerned as I have only one of 12 sculptures made (I submitted sketches).  This is the one...
Book Worm on a Paper Tree

Still it will be my first solo show in quite a while so I'm super excited!!
Also now that my new studio space is set up I'm back to work on the Sea Monster for the Grand Avenue Festival.  Here's a couple of photos...

As you can see I've started detailing the first section. This is still in progress though and once I find my camera cord (lost it moving) I can upload better photos!  

Today I'm going to teach some 2 year olds about Mondrian, a long dead Dutch artist.  Have a lovely weekend!


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