Donkeys and drawings

Yesterday we went out to the field and gave the donkeys some apple slices.

They were really very cute.

Naomi's getting along well with all the animals. She feeds the chickens and pets them. They're actually pretty affectionate.

We're all adjusted to the country pretty well. This is one half of our sleeping loft in the cottage. The sheep seem to bleat all night but as noises at night go it's extremely benign. There aren't even any tree frog noises here, which is odd for us. We lived in the Catskill Mountains in NY for years and I spent summers in Maine as a child and there were ALWAYS tree frogs making a racket. I have however been bit by, maybe a spider, and managed to find the stinging nettles the hard way.

We have been drawing everyday. This is from Mike's sketchbook. His goal is to fill the book, and he's doing quite well. This plant is in the walled garden.

This is by the Coach House Cafe.

The Castle from across the pond.

There are a lot of stone sculptures like these on the grounds. So when we saw one set up on a path like in the movie "Spirited Away", we both had to draw it...

Anyway this is my drawing of it.

And this is Mike's.

I have started my project as well, which, this time is not a sculpture.

I'm still drawing it, but it will be painted.

It's actually quite large and it's a story about the Castle with fantasy creatures worked in. It will be a bit like my children's book work. I'll also be sculpting the cover. The working title is "Haunted Halls".

Anyway back to drawing, have a fantastic week!!


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