24 years and counting

24 years ago this was us (with our siblings) on our wedding day, in Northport, New York.

That went lightning fast!!! Anyway for our anniversary dinner (maybe I should say, desert), Phoebe and I made a huge tray of tiramisu that seemed like it would last forever, ....But it's tiramisu so it's gone now. :) We also went out and saw the "Ice World" show at the Planetarium which was actually pretty cool.

Last week my cousin, Laura came to town, which was excellent because I never see her. Right now I believe she exploring red rock country north of here.

I've started teaching art camp today and have many mask orders still left to fill, before we take off for Ireland next week. This week's group of kids are great and get along well, fortunately!!

Anyway just a million odds and ends to take care of before we leave for this new residency abroad, and I'm definitely not panicking... Definitely not.....Oh boy.


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