Sugar Skulls

Today we drove out to Del Mar to decorate some sugar skulls for "El Dia De Los Meurtos" ( or "Day of the Dead"). We had hoped to make down to Mexico for the November 1st festival but it looks like Halloween has us running in circles as it is.
This is an undecorated skull. It's a solid piece of sugar and pretty heavy!

Here's Naomi adding frosting.

Phoebe carefully adding sparkles.

Chloe with her finished skull.

All three finished skulls. Apparently they eat them in Mexico (makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it!). Ours are "just decorations". As you can see we have more visiting toys. The one on the left is a yak from Canada.

After the workshop we took a walk to the oceanside park. The kids instantly ran to the trees!

Then blew off some excess energy by rolling around!

It's a beautiful park... We'll be back again soon!


Jill said…
Great pictures! Looks like fun was had by all...we miss you!

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