Hello again! If you've ever read my blog before I'm sure you've noticed my new snazy design. I just thought I could do with some redecorating around here. I think it looks a little more "California".

We were guests on The Red River Writers Talk Radio show today. Of course 24 hours beforehand Mike gets sicker than I've seen him in a long time, and even seemed to lose his voice last night. Fortunately he sounded pretty good at 10:20 this morning when we called in. He's so-o much better at on the spot interviews than I am. I have a tendency to "clam up" which isn't very good radio. All in all it went well though we both said our thing and I thought April Robins, the host, was really friendly and nice, she even invited us to submit to her magazine.:)

Anyway, now my throat's on fire and I'm not so full of witty commentary so here's a little story by Chloe that is really great in my totally biased opinion...

No Time
I didn't wanna move. But we had to for my daddy´s job. I slouch down in my seat and sulk.

"Hey you, get outta my seat."

I sit up straight and turn to face the speaker, I expect some loud mouth teenager, instead, I find a girl about my age with perfectly primped blonde hair. I say nothing and don´t move. Blondie taps her fingers impatiently.

"Well?" she says at last.

"I ain´t movin´." I say. Obviously, I´ve said the wrong thing, 'cause this princess won´t take no for an answer. With a new found strength she grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me into the aisle. She smirks and sits down. I get up and dust myself off. When the bus stops in front of the school I hurry to leave.

"Hey, you." someone says. I turn around and discover a tall girl with brown pigtails standing behind me.

"Wadda you want?" I ask, in such a bad mood I´ll be rude to anyone. But this girl doesn´t seem to mind.

"My name is Kayla, and in this school you gotta hurry. You can´t stop, you gotta keep moving, there´s no time." she says.

"Shut up! I don´t gotta do anything!" I say, wondering what she´s talking about. Suddenly the girl is gone, but hey, so´s everything else. I realize I´ve stopped moving. Everything is empty. I try to scream but can´t, because the "school" I was in is just an impression of long ago, as am I.

All is empty in this ghost town as I sigh and hurry back to the stop where the bus will pick me up again, so that I can continue to relive my first and last day at Morrington junior high.


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