Today I learned two things. I learned that if I'm checking out at CVS drugstore and they don't give me the 25% off all Halloween items that they've advertised all over the store, I can happily point it out to the less than thrilled cashier. He can then point out the meger amount that was taken off... Fortunately I'm doing middle school math these days, and realized this was way off (much to the chagrin of the line of customers waiting behind me). Eleven minutes later we got our discount and an extra five bucks off for being annoying.
Today, I also learned what pinking shears are. They're not what I thought, but now that I know it all makes sense. All in all an enlightening day. This little quote seems to apply...

"What a wonderful day we've had. I have learned something and you have learned something. Too bad we didn't learn it sooner. We could have gone to the movies instead"- Balki Bartokomouse, Perfect Strangers


Anonymous said…
Pinking shears? Consider yourself well and truly illuminated!

You can use the money you saved in that shop to buy yourself a celebratory coffee!

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