Older me, fashion shoot pics and a green rabbit

©Azur Mele
A few months ago my masks were part of a fashion photo shoot in Tucson, Arizona.

©Azur Mele

The photos were taken at the famous "Congress Hotel"
©Azur Mele

This one I particularly like for all the ghosts.

©Azur Mele
Anyway I thought the photographer, Azur Mele, made some intriguing images, and they clearly had a lot of fun doing it!

A couple weeks ago I was hired to make this green rabbit mask based on a Star Wars character called Jaxxon.

Just recently the customer was kind enough to send me this! It's him cos playing Jaxxon using my mask. He did such an excellent job!

In the last week, Chloe has made it back from college (one year down 3 to go!), and I turned older. Now I'm 46.  Anyway my amazing husband got me these...

Aren't they pretty?  We'll be celebrating more this weekend. Unfortunately, though, for the past 12 days Naomi has been incredibly sick. She had a fever for a week and didn't go to school at all. Next week is the last week of school for her and I want her to go, even if she's still run down. I also want her to get better fast as we leave for Morocco in less than 2 weeks!


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