Around the town

This morning Mike and I decided to head out explore the city and see if we can find our way out of the meandering  alleys of the medina, while the girls slept in.

Heading down our "street"

We took this photo of the name of our "street" to help us remember our way.

There are cats literally everywhere in this city.

A sleeping box of cats.

Me in the medina.

Finally out on the street.

A big cage in front of the mountains.

Images of King Mohammed VI are all around Morocco.

It was cloudy morning, in fact it's been overcast since we came to North Africa.

A stop sign.

       This building was one of our landmarks so we wouldn't get lost again. Last night we went out after dark to try to get dinner, but we arrived at the house in such a rush that day we were unsure of where we were. So we immediately got turned around in the medina and couldn't find our way to the street to find a restaurant. Finally a vendor was pushing some of his cooked potatoes and fish on us so I tried the fish, and we bought some potatoes. After getting a few things we went back to our riad.

I think it was around this spot this morning that the fish from that vendor the night before made my stomach cramp up and we had to rush back home.

         I was pretty sick all morning after that. Just as I was feeling better, Jeff from Green Olive Arts showed up. He took us over to the studio for a tour and orientation This is the sign out front. Everyone seemed incredible nice and the studio looks great! Jeff also gave me some activated charcoal and I've been pretty good ever since.

This is a photo of some masks I liked at a kiosk, mostly because I like masks. Anyway we've been doing laundry, getting unpacked and settled for the month ahead. 


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