Culture Shock

Yesterday morning we were out of coffee. Out of breakfast food and hungry. So the 3 of us who were awake went for breakfast.... To a cafe, we thought.  So we headed out our rather intense looking front door into the medina.

The puzzle door of many locks

I should mention the door looks amazing from the outside....

So off we went .

Mike and Naomi

As we headed out to the "Bab Tout" entrance things seems quiet and the market was open but not packed as usual.

A cartful of mannequins
We carefully walked through past this guy. One of the many roosters that crow continuously...

Boy were the streets quiet.

Naomi on the sidewalk

The fruit market was open but we needed coffee and food.

Waking up and diving out into this city without coffee or food first made us feel pretty disoriented.
We walked and walked and stores and cafes were closed. At Ramadan everyone stays up late for prayers and festivities and sleeps in through the morning of the fast, so very little is open. The night before there seemed to be many busy cafes along the walking street, but all were shut. Finally we were approached by a "tout" who spoke pretty good English. He said he knew a place and led us on a high speed walking tour all over the city.

King's palace

Past the King's Palace and back into the medina from an entrance we'd never been.

This side had many interesting stalls and people, but he walked very fast and kept saying "It's just up ahead!"

Finally after the hot, high speed walk he brought us up 4 flights of stairs to his mother's cafe, who was a very nice lady that served us breakfast.

The view was spectacular, and without her son we'd have never found anywhere to eat, but it's annoying to tip someone who accosts you on the street (though a very common experience).

It turns out that all those cafes we went looking at (that were closed) were "men's cafes" and we couldn't have gone in anyway. Later, Peter from the studio showed me where the "mixed" cafe was, so at least we have a clue for the future. Peter also showed me where the art supplies are and the book store and a western style grocery store! Now I won't have to ask for everything in the market, I can just put it into my basket!! YAY!

My goal today is to get started on my sculptural installation over at the studio. I have to keep my schedule to get it done


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