Wandering through museums and a "Fun run"

Cruise ships come in pretty regularly here, increasing the population in a sudden swoop!

This one swooped in early yesterday morning. I took this from our patio as I sipped my coffee.

After some pretty intense sunburns at La Bufadora we decided to stay inside and see some local museums. This giant torso is outside the local art center in town.

Mike and I by the massive mural at the art center.

This metal sculpture also decorates the courtyard.

They're huge and quite striking.

This wonderful mermaid adorns the lobby.

Chloe looking at art in the main gallery. Chloe's the only one of our kids who came with us the see the museums.

Honestly it was a very good show and I think they missed out, but Phoebe's not feeling well and is permanently connected to her ipad since we've arrived.

Nude with dove.

The artist was very surreal with some of his work.

I like the show quite a lot.

From here we walked over to the Cultural Center and the History Museum.

The grounds outside were quite pretty.

The history museum was full of twists and turns and had little peepholes in hidden corners that peered into a mysterious ballroom.

It of course had many historical exhibits.

Like this model of the "Santa Maria".

After spending time spying on people in the ballroom we headed back outside to see if it was part of the cultural center.

This building also had a collection of interesting sculptures out front.

Eventually we found the ballroom.

The art on the walls was unusual....

...But the ceiling was stunning!!! All in all a pretty successful outing. 

             Days on the beach have cause some crisis here and there. A few days ago Naomi went wave jumping near sunset and had her glasses knocked off her face and swept out to sea. Yesterday Oscar was stung by fire ants while walking on the beach and had to be carried home and the to the veterinaria. Fortunately that only cost a few pesos. 

 Mike and I are really enjoying our mornings in town. The kids sleep in every morning and we usually head out to a coffee shop. Early one morning we found this amazing doorway.

This morning we sipped our lattes and watched a marathon pass us by. It was a very flexible marathon as some people were wearing roller blades, walking dogs and pushing strollers or maybe they all do that (I don't watch marathons very much.)

Every morning we keep an eye and an ear out for our missing cat. Where are you Isabella?


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