The Vanishing Cat and a Marine Blowhole

So our cat is still gone. We've searched this little neighborhood, put up signs and spoken to the neighbors. She's not in the walls or ceiling as the walls and ceiling are very thin and we can hear traffic and people talking and everything else, so the cat meowing would be very loud. The kids are very sad, Mike and I are pretty bummed about it and the dog could care less (in fact I'm not sure he noticed).

 On Wednesday we explored the tourist district of this seaside city.

Everywhere I look is "Super Viagra Man" with the bulging pants. 

Chloe and Mike in town by a massive Aztec calendar.

We found parrots out on the street near the art supply store.

This one really liked me, or at least he liked being called "Pretty Bird".

Yesterday, to make us all feel better I thought a day trip over to "La Bufadora" was in order. The city was quiet anyway with no cruise ships in town and the people who rent horses on the beach took the day off. So we drove down the coast and out the peninsula to the only marine geyser in North America and the second largest one in the world.

Mike by the many vendors that line the little street as we approached "La Bufadora".

Finding the Blowhole store.

The ocean reaching inland near the water spout.

Approaching "La Bufadora".

Naomi rushed over.

And got drenched instantly.

Mike and I by "La Bufadora" (even soaking wet Naomi's pretty good with the camera!)

Mike, Chloe, Phoebe (and some guy who wouldn't step away for the photo) at the Ensenada sign.

Looking down over the edge when the water receded.

Everyone liked Oscar-including the local dogs.

The water just kept coming.

And Naomi just kept getting wetter and wetter, (too bad I loaned her my sweater).

Mike and Naomi.

From here we decided to head to the overlook spot.

From above you can see how high the water reaches. It's like an explosion.

The view was stunning.

The ocean from above.

On our way back down the girls found a creepy little troll. Naomi shook his hand and it fell off!

After getting drenched and walking around we found ourselves buying snacks ( Por supuesto!).

It was good to take a day out of town.

 Today the horses are back, and a big cruise ship pulled into town early this morning.

Maybe we'll finally take a ride on the beach.


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