Driving to Mexico

Early Monday morning we packed up our car and headed into the desert towards the coast. On the way we passed many mysterious fires, like this one.

It was a rather epic drive and getting lost in Tijuana didn't help. We missed our turn and found ourselves in a little barrio on a dirt road. Mike and I split up and asked different people how to get back. We both came back with confusing doodled maps on scrap paper when one man took pity on us and offered to lead us out.

We followed him through crazy city streets, roundabouts and packed freeways. Finally we were on the Ensenada Scenic Route down the coast! Above is a giant Jesus perched near the ocean.

Riding along the coast was stunning, but another hour and a half in the car was a lot to take.

We stopped for gas at a 7eleven and this face of a building was behind it.

Finally we came to the little house we rented in Ensenada. As we unloaded the car we brought the cat and dog inside straight away. Unfortunately in the time it took to unload our cat went missing. We searched the house, the surrounding area and put up signs. She still hasn't turned up in 2 days, and we're all pretty shaken by it.

The house has quite a nice patio.

The beach and the boardwalk are just across the road.

Every morning some people show up and line up about 15 horses.

They offer rides to beach goers.

They're beautiful animals but by evening there's an awful lot of horse manure on the beach.

We've done a lot of beach walking, but Naomi's the only one who's been brave enough to swim so far (It's pretty cold here for desert dwellers like us!)

I have found a number of sand dollars though, and these sandpiper birds were very funny to watch as the waves came in.

Mike and Oscar on the beach.

A beach vendor, bringing snacks and knickknacks.

Yesterday evening we went to town to get dinner.

The park had some interesting statues.

Mike Naomi and Oscar by the Giant golden heads.

Not sure whose heads they are but they seemed like they were important.

A cruise ship was docked in the port. They come and go every day.

This is our neighbor's fish. I photographed it in our ongoing search for the cat. Hopefully she'll turn up soon, we're all pretty upset about it....


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