"Snoopy" onstage and the end of it

On Thursday Chloe graced the stage of Roosevelt Middle School as "The Little Redheaded Girl"...
It was the Junior Theater's production of "Snoopy". While she firmly believes she was type cast (being the only redhead in the after school theater group), she did do a great job!  They all did.
Friday night was my last art class with the kids over at Clay Elementary.  As the year comes to an end so has my teaching contract.  The kids took photos with me and and gave me some awesome cards.  I'll be missing those guys.

Next Tuesday my oldest will be graduating from Middle School.  The ceremony takes place at the San Diego Zoo. Graduating from Middle School at the zoo seems appropriate to me. Middle School was a wild ride!  One that we get to start all over again next year with Phoebe. :)


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