Can't stop coughing...

My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practicing all night. 
 -John Philpot Curran
 When I lived in upstate NY I would get a cough that lasted for 2-3 months every winter.  When we moved to South America, it stopped happening and I was so-o glad.  I haven't been sick like that since.  This week I'm getting a reminder, and so is Mike, and Chloe, and this morning Naomi had a sore throat... arrgh!

I'm also trying to get some work done in my haze of fever and coughing.  I need to draw dragons.  Lots of dragons.  I've been commissioned to illustrate a children's book called "Catch a Dragon" by Ginger Nasser and I need to complete these sketches, but it's slow going.

Tomorrow is my class in InDesign (a design program on the computer) at the local community college.  Maybe it'll be better to sit in class than try to design a children's book, however tomorrow night is also the drawing class I teach.  I think I'll just buy some pumpkins and let the kids draw them while I try not to choke on my tongue in the corner. In the meantime please enjoy my spooky pumpkin man...


Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better soon. I like your pumpkin mah. Happy Halloween(ish)
Duncan Watson said…
I have a couple of inhalers to deal with the same problem. When the seasonal cough comes, I start using both the daily steriod one and the other for the cough itself.

I will call and we can talk.
The cough is starting to subside now. Thanks. :)
Fonso said…
hope this cough leave soon..
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