New masks and a new semester

This is Chloe on her way out the door to the airport. She's flying back to Missouri to finish her junior year at Stephen's College. She had a busy week before hand between finally sorting out her Arizona driver's license, applying to be a student ambassador for her study abroad program, and cleaning out everything she owns to ship back to Missouri. Hopefully she'll have a great semester!

I've been busy as well trying to get my Mask Shop up to speed this week. This is a new cat mask listing I added.

The new jack rabbit mask (yes, jack rabbits really do have big round ears like that!)

And here's the crazy eyeball mask I made at Halloween and have now added as a permanent listing in the store.  Mask sales have been slow with the new year, which is hard because we're in a paycheck gap for about a month with Mike's job at the University.

Anyway I'm back to teaching next week, so here's to a new semester!! Let's make it a good one.


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