Mexico Road Trip Day 4 - Hermosillo

Our last day morning on the beach was interesting. The wind had died down and a huge flock of pelicans were diving in and out of the water across from the patio.

It was hard to capture in photos how startling it was to watch these huge birds do this.

In this photo you also can see one of the islands. That island has a tribe of indigenous peoples on it. Many gringos (and Mexicans) come here and want to charter a boat to see the islands, but you cannot go to that one unless you have an invitation from the chief.

Anyway we managed to pack up and head out over the mountains before noon. It was an uneventful drive. We arrived in Hermosillo and to our Airbnb in no time. This is our front door and this apartment is gorgeous and right in the city center.

These dogs live on the property and spend a lot of time barking at Oscar. They are sweet dogs, but it's getting cacophonous.

This is a view of the pool, but if you look closely you can see one of the dogs standing on the roof.

Once we were settled we decided to walk the dog and explore.

We pretty quickly found the Parque Madera, which was a good place to walk him.

This is a nice dramatic shot of Chloe and Carson by the fountain.

This vendor in the park seemed to be selling some nice looking second hand clothing.

We bought a variety of Mexican snacks from a vendor.

It was pretty large park, but it was actually quite crowded. Lot's of people out enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

When I'm traveling I try not to take pictures of locals without permission and here it was pretty challenging, so I just took pictures of Chloe and Carson.

And Oscar. Here's a picture of Oscar.

From here we walked into the city center, which was packed with shopping and people and vendors.  Mike likes to take pictures of superhero knockoff toys so here they are. ­čśŤ

Then we headed back and collapsed. In the evening we weren't sure how to find a restaurant that would allow the dog (Oscar can't be trusted alone in Airbnb's or hotel rooms), so we decided to take our host's advice and try Uber Eats. (Yes, we decided to try this new service for the first time in a foreign country and in a foreign language! ) Finally after 2 hours we placed an order, but it was great food!!


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