Drawings from Ireland and new mask orders

So now that we are home and have access to our scanner, Mike and I have been going through our sketchbooks from Ireland.

Mike's drawing of a banjo inside the resident's cottage

Mike of course has many, many drawings as that was the focus of his residency.

He did some incredible work. This is inside the cool passage by the coach house.

And this is his drawing from the path in one of Shankill Castle's many gardens.

My drawings are not quite as complete. This is from the graveyard by the Medieval Mile Museum.

These are birds near the waterfront outside our apartment in Dublin. There was a very drunk man (or at least he was acting drunk) hanging all over us asking questions. His name was Peter, and Mike was sure he was trying to rob us. Mike kept closing the top of his backpack and 2 seconds later it would be open again. Of course when we draw in public we're very aware that we're vulnerable to this so we take precautions with our valuables.While he didn't get anywhere, he WAS very, very annoying.

Elizabeth's art on the poster by the gallery
Since we left Ireland our friend and host from the art residency, Elizabeth Cope, had her art open at a show in Cork. Unfortunately the banners and posters outside the gallery were vandalized by a very prudish person with a sharpie. I'm sure the free publicity about the vandals has only helped though. The gallery was reporting over 1,000 visitors a day!

drying mask
Since we returned I've been working on custom mask orders from my shop. 

This one is drying after getting a glue layer to smooth the surface.

This mask is a depiction of an anime character.

Here it is finished. There are pinholes to see through in the eyes. I shipped it yesterday, and of course I have more masks to work on. 

Next week I'm back to teaching art camp as well. Teaching kids can be challenging for me, but I'm forever grateful for my job with Abrakadoodle Inc. Thanks to this company's sponsorship I've been able to travel to Morocco and Ireland for art residencies in the last 18 months, which is pretty amazing.

In other news Naomi comes home from camp in California today. Phoebe's there as well, but she's staying on another week. Also the first day of school is creeping ever closer! Just another week and a half!!


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