Working in the studio

For much of this week I've been spending hours working in the studio. 

Most of what I spent working on my first week was making these stars and moon. They will hang over the city I'm building (My impression of Tétouan-not an exact replica, but a study of it).

For my installation, the studio is allowing me to paint the wall, for a background.Then I did a sketch of part of the medina.

This is right after I started to paint.

me painting.

In this photo the background is getting there. Since then I've completed it, with the help of my family. Mike can in each day with meals and would hang out and draw in his Morocco sketchbook, and yesterday evening the girls came by with a friend (a local art school student) and painted the lights in the windows). With their help I managed to get this huge painting done in 4 days.... Now on to building the city!

On Monday after working we went out with friends from Green Olive Arts to break the fast of Ramadan with someone they knew locally.

We wound up walking around the city a bit to find a place to go. This was great because we were walking in areas we hadn't been to yet.

This is the White Dove in the circle near where we walked. This is the symbol of Tétouan, as the city looks like a white dove nestled in the mountain (all the buildings are white washed).

There was some waiting around but eventually we tried the many foods of the Ramadan meal. Their friend was glad to have company, his family was gone for Ramadan, on the pilgrimage to the holy land, so he was alone this month.

After eating we all headed back through the city. This is Chloe, me, Rachel and Florence. Florence is an artist  from the French Caribbean and is getting fatigued speaking English all the time, so I told her I spoke some French. Now I'm getting more practice with my French, which is good because I desperately need it (we'll be having a day in Montreal on our way home in a few weeks!!)


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