Hike to the Kasbah

I've been taking breaks from my work in the studio lately, because... Well... I'm in Morocco!! Anyway on Thursday Mike and I checked out the Berber market (I didn't bring my camera as pickpockets were rampant-or so I'm told) and then we hiked to the top of the medina to see the Kasbah.

This is the plaza in the city. The most direct route is entering the medina in the wall behind it.

This is me wearing Phoebe's big hat through the plaza, which fills with children and families at night around 10pm (Ramadan family hours).

Here's the little doorway in the back. I holding water, but we resisted drinking when other people were around (no drinking during Ramadan, so it's a bit rude for us to do it in front of people).

A medina street sign.

A blue alley.

This amazing wall was inside the medina on this side.

Mike climbing up.

This is a tomb, Mike was standing next to. It seemed interesting.

Kitties at the top of the medina. Cats are literally everywhere in this city.

The view from the top of the medina.

The Kasbah from below.  This was built and run by the Spanish military, and then abandoned when the Spanish relinquished this area to Morocco.

Here in the grass is the tiny, slanty path that we walked on to get up there. I was NOT wearing good shoes for this so I had to completely focus.

Mike at the Kasbah.

The front wall, obviously it's a fortress.

Mike by the broken arch.

This is a stunning photo of what looks to be some kind of fireplace.

A view from the top.

The main gate.

A photo of the front grounds.

Near the front gate was this. Either someone's been camping or holding a ritual. The ritual thing is not all that far fetched as belief in witchcraft is extremely common here.

This chamber pot in the window indicates that someone or many someones are living here, so not as abandoned as it seems.

After exploring a bit we also found some chickens roaming around.

Photos don't capture how incredible this view is!

Walking down is a steep climb.

This man started leading us out. He seemed concerned we'd get lost in the winding paths.

Me exiting to the street.

In other news this is the stoop pooper. The cat that runs our street, she leaves us a surprise every day to remind us who's in charge.

And coming soon is this!! An open studio at Green Olive Arts and a little preview before my big show.


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