A gallery opening

Living inside a house in the medina is essentially living inside a walled medieval city. 

It's crowded and narrow. There are cats, hens and everyday I hear the bleating of either a sheep or a goat, but I have yet to see it.

Squids in the market.
Also, it not exactly clean, in fact there's feces on the ground and on the busiest passage out is the fish market. You quickly learn to breathe through your mouth.

Anyway, artist Peter Mallen had a big opening at the Green Olive Arts studios this weekend. His show was called "Sacred Species" and focused on endangered species in Africa.

The opening was a lot of fun. It was a very busy evening with many people showing up.

This turtle was one of my favorite pieces (I wish the photo was better).

These are whales. He used recycled paper pulp and it looks like gold leaf. They're really beautiful, but the photos just don't do them justice.

This is an installation at the show by Peter Mallen and Harry J Judd, Jr. 

There was music and food and a great atmosphere.

The girls had fun as well. They met a local Moroccan girl in their own age group, and they now have plans with her for Tuesday.

Me at the opening

It was great to go do something so normal like a gallery opening in this new setting.

In the meantime, Mike's been filling up his new Morocco sketchbook at a furious pace.

And I'm slowly producing watercolor postcards to my GoFundme sponsors between time working in the studio on my sculptural installation.

For Mike and I, it is 23 years today since our June wedding in New York. Looking forward to celebrating!!


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