The Arabian Horse Show

At the fiesta bowl parade, a long line of horses rode past that hot December day and a young man running and sweating alongside them ran up to me and handed me tickets to "The Arabian Horse Show" which just happened to be this past weekend out in Scottsdale.

Here we are at the entrance, after getting slightly lost trying to figure out their sprawling complex.

After we walked in we found ourselves in the middle of a western-themed craft fair.

There were also things like these grass pellets for horses.

This saddle was either a quail or an eagle, either way, it was very impressive looking.

Ed Roth, an amazing wood carving artist was showing and selling his work.

Incredible bronze sculptures of regional wildlife.

This sculptor worked by assembling various objects to create horses.

One artist had this clay sculpt in progress.

Chloe thought these would be great as dining room chairs (the rest of us didn't agree).

Finally, we found the arena with Arabian riders.

The blue rider had an impressive costume.

These were all kids under 14 in this section. Later after we'd been walking around the whole complex for an hour and a half we collapsed into the cool plastic chairs in this spot.  Horses drifted past us while tranquil music like Enya was blasted into the arena.  It was very peaceful... I almost drifted off!

We went for a hot, sunny walk outside to the stables.

Here they were training or practicing, or something (I don't know much about horses).

They're beautiful animals.

 This is a view of some of the stables.

The kids all got ice cream which took the edge off the heat.  Some of the horses looked pretty hot as well.

The horses out in this arena looked the most uncomfortable.

Chloe at the exit by the super cool lion sculpture.

Yesterday Mike flew off for his big trip to San Francisco.  To keep me distracted I did a ton of work on my giant piñata for the Mutant Piñata show, but I'll share that progress tomorrow... Cheers!!


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