Pieces of the past and school begins

My father's first boyfriend was a man named Bruno. He was attractive and in his mid-twenties or a well preserved 30.  Their relationship ended abruptly when Bruno took a trip to Boston and emptied my Dad's bank account.  This resulted in two things for me....

1.  My father came out of the closet to me on the eve of my flight to San Diego to spend the summer with Mike and his parents. At that time I'd only met them once before- briefly in a cafe on the upper west side of Manhattan.

2. I took out my first student loan of several, to finish school.

This is a fragment from my old journal that turned up.  It was from my twentieth year while I was attending the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  It's not much fun when the past comes up, like yesterday's lunch filling up your mouth unwelcome and unpleasant.

Anyway, the good news is my kids started school on Monday.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures.  Maybe I'll take a fourth day of school picture tomorrow. This weekend is Chloe's 15th birthday, so we're scrambling to get a celebration organized.

This is one of my circle paintings that I created this week, currently on eBay...

"Hair Crows" by Carolyn Watson Dubisch


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