Building a snail, a wet cat and other random moments

This week I began my work on building the first snail for the "Hanging Gardens, Woven Fences" festival in October.

I began by using paper mache on this old beach ball (all the art in the festival must be recycled).

....And believe it or not this is part of his head drying upside down in a bowl (it will look more like a head later. )

This is Isabella after a bath.  She was most pathetic.

Chloe turned 15 last week-She had quite the weekend with swimming, a sleepover, and an amusement park.. (And,yes, that fruit tart was very tasty!)

Last week was also  a back to school open house over at the Middle School. We went around and listened to Phoebe's teachers talk about stuff (mostly school related stuff).  I drew this picture while we sat through math (some things never change).  During the social studies class Mike flipped through the textbook.  Later he told me he learned the meaning of the Australian phrase "It's a three dog night".  Apparently they're saying it's cold enough that you need at least 3 dogs to stay warm.  Dogs are outstanding.


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