Our first Haboob, the first snail takes shape, and Naomi is 10!

Yesterday evening a massive dust storm rolled into Phoenix.  The sky went from blue to brown in an instant.  The wind picked up and the palm trees bowed and, as my neighbor puts it, "The clay rose to the heavens".

 Minutes later warm, brown drops of rain began to fall and I rushed outside to save my snail, who's been making progress in the last few days...

These are his eyes (reusing light bulbs) and tail, drying in the sun.

Here he is drying after adding the wire to attach him to the tree.

Starting to resemble a snail...

And after a pink base coat.  He needs lots more painting, though.

This weekend Naomi turned 10 and she had quite a celebration at Peter Piper's pizza.  She also made her own cake (from scratch) and decorated it herself....

3 layers!

Needless to say, she had a great time.

This machine was paying out.

All the kids had a blast.

This morning was a stressful one when Naomi (who bikes to school) got trapped in the parking gate as it was closing.  My neighbor came along with her car and freed her. Everyone who witnessed it was horrified including my middle schooler who couldn't stop crying. Anyway,  Naomi's okay, but a bit scraped up and is taking it easy today.  

Yesterday was our radio show "Art of the Red River".  We had some incredible guests from all across the country.  You can listen in here!


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