Summertime and sick pets

At The Beach ©CarolynWatson Dubisch

It's our first week of all the kids on break and temperatures in the 100's so it's SUMMERTIME!!

Chloe is the only one with a real schedule as she's starting volunteering at the library to get job experience (also she likes the library).  Mike and I are catching up on our freelance work, and I finally managed to start on some sketches for this YA novel I've been hired to work on. It's a book from the "Flatulent Pumpkin" series (yes, that's really a thing!). Last summer I had designed the giant, magic, floating pumpkin that farts rainbows in the first book, so they wanted me back.

The other 2 girls are milling around making cookies or finding new ice cream recipes online for our ice cream maker.  They're also hanging around friends' houses and yesterday we went to the pool.
Usually in a public pool when you find a warm spot you move away quickly, (because everyone knows what that means), but the pool here in Phoenix is like bath water all the way through.... It's ALL a warm spot!

Last week my dog had a runny nose and was sneezing A LOT.  It was sad but also funny, anyway he's feeling much better today, however, my cat is now sneezing.  I've never had a pet with a cold, and I had no idea a dog could get a cat sick.  It's all very mysterious. Maybe they just need some Benadryl.

Every morning we've been rolling out of bed at 7:30am and getting the dog out for his morning walk before it gets too hot. This week we realized it has to be 6:30am, and I'm not even sure it doesn't need to earlier!


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