Over the Mountains and through the desert

Yesterday morning we rolled out of bed, packed the car and hit the road!

We traveled for a ways on "Historic Route 66".

Indian "rock shops" selling geodes and petrified wood lined the road.

This was Oscar's longest car trip to date.  He drooled -kind of a lot.

There were many dinosaurs.

Traveling through the high desert into New Mexico was very pretty, but some sights were a little disturbing. As we drove east on interstate 40, just before mile 64, we saw three starving horses on the right hand side. One was missing patches of fur, and all three had ribs you could count from a distance.  They stood in the empty plains next to the road and the closest structure seemed to be a burnt out farm, that looked a whole lot like a pile of rubble.  As we discussed what we could possibly do we then saw a caramel colored cow in similar condition near mile 104.  Both sightings were near Grants, New Mexico.

We arrived in Albuquerque a little worse for wear after a day on the road.  This city has some very striking murals filling the downtown.

After a driving all day we were ready for a walk around.

Naomi and Phoebe tried to steal this statue's hat. 

Over in the plaza they posed with the mayor.

We didn't go too far but it was nice to be walking around.

And here's Chloe and Oscar in front of the convention hall where Albuquerque Comic Expo was being held, starting today.  Come find us in Artist's Alley at table D18!!


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